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December 26, 2013

IBPS Agricultural Field Officers Study Materials - Introduction


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Friends, we have planned to post study materials for the upcoming IBPS Agricultural Field Officers. Here is an introductory post. Before going into details let us try to understand the functions of the Agricultural Officer in Banks.An Agricultural Officer promotes loans in rural areas related to general and agricultural purposes under the various schemes framed by government and other financial institutions. He/ She assists in client acquisition, site visit before the loan sanctioning and follow-up for timely loan recovery. So he / she should get the basic idea on the features / problems / prospects of Indian Agriculture. So for the exam you have to prepare the basic details of Indian agriculture and recent updates / changes and plans implemented by the Govt of India to improvise agriculture sector. Now lets go back to our topic. Agriculture is "Backbone" or "Main stay" of Indian Economy. The Indian Agriculture is mostly rainfed. We can divide the Indian Agriculture into three parts, these are called Cropping Seasons.


The Cropping Seasons in India are

  1. Kharif
  2. Rabi
  3. Zayad
Now lets get a brief overview of these Cropping Seasons. 
  1. Kharif : In Kharif season crops are sown at the beginning of the south-west monsoon and harvested at the end of the south-west monsoon. The major crops grown in Kharif season are Jowar, bajra, rice, maize, cotton, groundnut, jute, hemp, sugarcane, tobacco, ete.
    • Sowing season for Kharif : May to July
    • Harvesting season for Kharif : September to October 
  2. Rabi : Crops need relatively cool climate during the period of growth but warm climate during the germination of their seed and maturation. The major crops grown in Rabi season are wheat, barley, gram, linseed, mus­tard, masoor, pea~ and potatoes. 
    • Sowing season for Rabi : October to December
    • Harvesting season for Rabi  : February to April 
  3. Zayad : In India, the crops grown on irrigated lands which do not have to wait for monsoons, Besides the kharif and rabi crops, these crops are being raised throughout the year due to artificial irrigation. So we can divide them into two parts.
    1. Zayad Kharif crops : The major crops grown in Zayad kharif season are rice, jowar, rapeseed, cotton, oilseeds.
      • Sown in August to September 
      • Harvested in December to January.
    2. Zayad Rabi crops :  The major crops grown in Zayad rabi Crops are Watermelon, Toris,  Cucumber, Leafy and other Vegetables.
      • Sown in February to March
      • Harvested in April to May.
That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss more important topics about Indian Agriculture. Happy Reading :)

N. Subrahmaniam Naidu

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  1. mam can you post the collection from all other agriculture related competitive exams please

  2. super sir! this post is very helpful to understand about the job as well as exam! Thank you so much!

  3. sir tnx for adding few material ......expecting lot from u sir ...plz post other agri related materials as early as possible sir

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    can you post much more

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  8. Dear All,
    I have done my graduation from University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore. My Specialization is Sericulture. But it is not mentioned in the IBPS qualification required. Am I eligible to attend exam and interviews???


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