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December 05, 2013

Computer Knowledge Model Test for IBPS and SBI Associate Clerks


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Website is collection of
  1. HTML Documents
  2. Graphic fields
  3. Audio and Video files
  4. All of the above

Which of the following protocols is used for WWW ?
  1. I&B
  2. http
  3. InterNIC
  4. None of these

The firstnetwork that panted seeds of intenet as ?
  2. NSFnet
  3. Vnet
  4. Inet

The communication protocol used by internet is ______-
  1. HTTP
  2. WWW
  3. TCP/IP
  4. All of the above

The first page that you normally view at a Website is its
  1. Home Page
  2. Header Page
  3. Master Page
  4. First Page

Internet is
  1. Complex System
  2. Decentralized system
  3. Dynamic System
  4. All of the above

For connection of the internet, you will need  ____________
  1. an IP address
  2. a TCP/IP connection
  3. an ISP
  4. all of these

The server on the internet is also known as
  1. Repeater
  2. Host
  3. Gateway
  4. None of these

A user can get files from another computer on the Internet by using
  1. FTP
  2. UTP
  3. HTTP
  4. 1 & 2

In reality, Inter et Protocol recognizes only
  1. A postal mail address
  2. A location of the host
  4. None of these

The ground station in VSAT communication is called
  1. HTTP
  2. Multiplexer
  3. Hub
  4. None of these

Computer son the internet owned and operated by education institution form part of the
  1. com domain
  2. edu domain
  3. mil domain
  4. none of these

For a small website, one needs to buy space from the
  1. network administrator
  2. telephone exchange
  3. ISP
  4. none of these

A host on the Internet finds another host by its
  1. Postal Address
  2. Electronic Address
  3. IP Addres
  4. none of these

Which of the following topology is least affected by addition / removal of a node ?
  1. Ring
  2. Star
  3. Bus
  4. None of these

The WWW standard allows programmers on many different computer platforms to show the information on a server. Such programmers are known as
  1. ISP
  2. Web Servers
  3. Web browsers
  4. None of these

The user can log on to certain web sites and communicate with various otehr users online by using the following software
  1. Ping software
  2. Chat software
  3. Mail software
  4. Communication software

Name the web browser developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).
  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Firefox
  3. Chrome
  4. Mosaic


  1. madam please upload NICL AO quick reference guide

  2. mam incase of topology the least affected is star topology because every node is independent and connected to a central hub, whereas in ring every node is connected two other network

  3. mam plz tell me are there questions also asking on statement assumption argument course of action etc. in reasoning or not.and probablity in maths?my xam is on 15 dec.plz rply soon..

  4. Hats Off to you... Special Thanks for your efforts


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