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November 30, 2013

Questions Asked In IBPS Clerks III Online Exam Held on 30-11-2013 (Morning)


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Friends, we've already shared the review of today's IBPS Clerks III Online Exam. You can read that detailed review from here. Now here are some questions asked in today's exam. 
GA Questions and Answers shared by Nikhil Pujani

  1. NAME OF THE WIFE OF PM OF INDIA - Gursharan Kaur 
  3. TESSY THOMAS IS RELATED WITH WHICH THING - Project Director for Agni-IV missile in Defence Research and Development Organisation
  7. The Satanic Verses IS WRITTEN BY - Salman Rushdie
  8. Bank assurance IS DONE BY - Banking channel 
  9. 2--questions on KYC
  10. Largest tea exports is- Assam and West Bengal
  11. Who deals with the complaints of customers - The Banking Ombudsman
  12. Many Questions were there on cheques and on clearing system 
  13. 9 Digt Code on Cheque-MICR
  14. CTS cheques is of which year--CTS 2010 
  15. Which of these does not include retail banking----Options were Home Loan, Personal Loan, Investment Consultancy etc
  16. Drive to include small people with bank---Financial Inclusion
  17. Banking Organisation with the capital of 10 lakh is called 
  18. Which of these is a public sector bank----Options were private banks name and J&K Bank 
  19. IIFA 2013 best film -Barfi
  20. Banks calculate interest on the basis of what time and capital
  21. RBI provide loan to banks what it is called – Repo Rate
  22. PLR is replaced by – Base Rate
  23. Loan cannot be provided below which Rate---Base Rate
  24. .India won how many medals in Summer London Olympics 2012 - 6
  25. Facilty to withdraw money to farmers - Kisan Credit Card 
  26. Question about Electronic Data Interchange
  27. Full Form of BSBDA - Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account 
  28. If RBI reduces CRR than what happens---Credit Supply increases
  29. Statue in gujrat - Gujarat: Sardar Vallabhai Patel statue
  30. Swarozgar Yojana comes under which department - Ministry of Rural Development
  31. Martha Dodrey work for---Polio 
  32. Bankassurance--–By Banking channel
  33. Swarn Jayanti Rojgar Yojana–--GraminVikas Mantralaya
  34. Insurance when Bank failure/canceled license---100000/ a/c
  35. One question on credit pulling
  36. One question related to Bharat Nirman
  37. What is meant by Financial inclusion? - Financial inclusion is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to vast sections of disadvantaged and low income groups (for example "no frill accounts")
  38. NEFT stands for- National Electronic Fund Transfer
Overall Review :
 English :
• Paragraph- 10 questions
• 5 sentences – correction
• 5 sentence – phrases
• 5 sentence arrangement
• 10 closet test
• 5 questions of fill in the blanks with one word in two sentences

Math :
• 10 Questions on simplification
• 5 number series
• 10 Questions from DI
• Rest are miscellaneous

Reasoning :-
• 15 question On Puzzle
• 5 Questions on Syllogism
• 4 Questions on Data sufficiency
• 5 Questions on coding decoding
• 2 Questions on Direction
• 5 Questions on Series
• 4 Questions on miscellaneous

GA :
• Most from Banking
• Rest from GA

Computer Knowledge:
• Input/output
• Application software
• Hardware
• Software
Review and Questions shared by Kingkar Pd. Mahato 
English : Paragraph tha 10 questioons ka, 5 sentences me correction, 5 sentence me bold words ki jagah change krne wale, 5 sentence arangement , 10 closet test and 5 qustions of filll in the blanks with one word in two sentences.
Math  : 5 question table5 series rest on bodmas
aur arithmetic (lengthy n ( . ) ke bad bhi calulation )
Reasoning : 15 question On Puzzle5 q. Syllogism4 q. Data sufficiency5 coding decoding2 Disha wale..5 q. Ek series thi usme figure, symbol aur alphabet the k the GA :-Banking , Banking n Banking

GA Questions of Clerk-III 30-11-2013 Morning Session
1.largest tea exportr
2.who deals vd cpmplaints of consumers satanic verses
4.many questions wer der on cheques and on clearing system
5.2 questions on KY C
6. 9 digt code on cheque-MICR
7.Yerevan is capital of-Armenia
8. cts cheques is of vch yr...CT S 2010
9. Which of these does not include retail bankng-options were home
loan,personal loan,investmnt consultancy..etc etc to include small people vd bank-financial inclusion
11..banking organisation vd captl of 10lakh is caled
12.vch of these is a public sector bank-options wer pvt banks name n 1
of j&k Bank
13.iifa 2013 best film
14.sachin playd last ODI where
15.banks calculate interest on basis of what time and capital
16.rbi provde loan to banks..wat it is caled
17.PLR is replaced by cnt b provided below vch rate
19.india won how many medals in sumer london olympcs 2012
20.ful form of ET F-electronic fund transfr
21.faclty to withdrw mony to farmrs..kisan credit card
22.question abt electronic data capture(Not remembered properly)
23.tesi thomas relatd to what
24.ful form of bsba
25.if rbi reduces crr dn wat hapens...creditsuply increases
26.statue in gujart
27.swarozgar yojana comes under vch departmnt

Questions Shared by Ahmad Nadeem
1.Full Form Of EFT?
2.Name Of The Statue In Gujarat?
3.Current Base Rate ?
4.Software Used In Net Banking ?
5. Where Sachin Played His Last Oneday ?
6.Faility provided to farmers ?
7.Kishan Credit Card ?
8. Question Related To Savings Account
10. What Is CTS?
11.Question Related To Clearing Sysyem
12.Yerewon Is Capital Of ?
13. name the wife of prime minister Of
India ?
14.who controls cobra post and Tehelka
15.banccasurance done by ?
16.Question Related to Nps ?
17.Question Related to DICGC ?
18.Question Related To Tea Export
19.Swarna Jayanti Yojana related with ?
20.Question Relar=ted To IIFA Award 2013 ?
I have done 154 and hope for the best.

Thanks to Nikhil Pujani, Kingkar Pd. Mahato  and Ahmad Nadeem for the updates

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  1. Reasoning time taking,Quant is little bit difficult for non maths students....English,GA and Computers are ded easy.........

    1. i told so many friends about the difficulty level of quant and reasoning exam is on 01/12/2013 ...afternoon session .... what i expected became right

  2. did they ask ques related to simplification?

  3. thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. in english ,fill in the blanks in one word with two sentence means what type of question sir? pls explain bcoz i am week in that part pls help me................and say about aptitud part

    1. DI is there for clerks also this year..I got 1 bar chart(5 ques). I sat for 30th nov afternoon shift. Al the best for you.

  5. many tnks..
    Is there any non-verbal question?

  6. what about afternoon session mam
    frnds plz upload your afternoon session questions

    1. afternoon session GK

      1. how many digits in IFSC code- 11 digts
      2. top producer of coffee - karnataka
      3. which rate is increased by RBI to increase the liqudity - repo rate
      4. indra peace award for 2012 ?
      5. brazil currency- real
      6. world human rights day - december 10
      7. time limit for resolution of customer complaints(cheque complaints) is reduced from 12 days to . . . .- 7 days
      8. president can appoint how many members in rajashaba - 12

      thats all i could remember friends . .. . but it is dead easy one can easily get above 30 . . .only quantitative aptitude is littile more time consuming(numerical sums are dead easy)

    2. Here I add few more ques in afternoon shift:
      1. RTGS full form(Real Time Gross Settlement)
      2. Central monetory authority in India (RBI)
      3. 'Devadas' book written by (Sarath Chandra Chattopadhyay)
      4. Mahathma Gandhi National Rural Emp Guarentee act, how many days of employment(100)
      5. Indira Gandhi Prize 2012
      6. Golden Lotus Award for best feature film (Paan Singh Tomar)
      7. India's entry for Oscars (The good road)

  7. hi thanks a lot. please provide details about DI. what type of DI asked? is it tough?

  8. Hi,

    I am from Karnataka and have been shortlisted for interview in IBPS PO/MT III.

    I belong to SC Category and just wanted to know of the SC Certificate issued by relevant authorities in state's regional language is accepted or it has to be in English Only?

    Could you please let me know.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hello, Nowadays Caste Certificates in karnataka is printed in English (as it ccomes under IT law & contains QR Code )

    2. Thanks for the info....I shall get a new one issued then... :)

  9. Puzzle kis type ki thi
    And math me DI kis type ki thi......

  10. DI asked in clerk?? it is for PO oly na??

  11. Hi alll wat type of DI question were asked ?? And also upload the afternoon session ques too pls ...

  12. what is the expected cut off for general for 30-11-2013 morning session plz reply

    1. DI is for PO oly or also for clerk?? pls do reply..

    2. Haven't you checked Gr8ambition's IBPS clerks syllabus ? They clearly mentioned that there will be DI. Check once.

    3. HI Uma... Wat type of DI was askes i mean proft/ loss Or Income / Expenditure or in genral ...

    4. No worries..DI was quite easy...I wrote clerks test on 30th nov evening one bar chart for 5 marks..

    5. How many quest asked in puzzle questions and what it means.....
      Reply plz

  13. How many question about input output

  14. In English section,correction related to spelling or Grammer?

  15. how much ques frm input

  16. please post some records of sachin tendulkar as they are asking in exam

    1. Check in "Current Affairs Quick Reference Guide for IBPS Clerks III online Exam" at the top of this page..u can get all the relevant info including Sachin's records

  17. please post some details about tehelka magazine and editor as it is in news

  18. sebastian vettel popular indian born pakistan folk singer passed away..

  19. please share your experience about afternoon section friends

  20. 40 q in each sec.??....plxxxzzz reply

    1. Yup! 40 ques from each section i.e., Reasoning, English, Numerical ability, General Awareness, Computer Knowledge.

  21. thank sir for sharing your experience. it will help me in preparing my exam. and g8ambition even thankx 2 u for showing proper guide to pass in govt exam. plz pray all of us who are appearing. all the best to all who are appearing in govt exam. once again thankx sir for exam review

  22. Paper was tough.....mainly numerical ability..

  23. Evening shift paper was tough....

  24. Many Thanks.............Sameer Jadhav

  25. please tell us about english comprehension passage type...
    is it usual story type or banking related passage type...

    1. Banking related passage..Actually I dinn't attempt this so, I cant explain further. There are 15 ques from passage.

  26. they asked ques from Tehelka.. is that mean.. questions can be asked from recent dat is exactly recent general news...

  27. Is gr8ambition material is enough for banking&generalawareness and computers ??
    bcz im so afraid of that session..

    1. I want to ask the same.. is gr8ambitionz material enough for banking ??? please reply gr8ambitionz team..

  28. guyz and ma'm i am nervous for banking awareness.. plz tell me dat the material present on your website is enough for ibps clerk

  29. Guys, you may check lots of banking awareness questions on and

  30. thnks for the information ..... it will really help me for my tomorrows exam... thank you

  31. plz post evening session review

  32. thanks for this great help.............

  33. mam whether input output questions came this time in ibps clerk..
    can anyone tell me

    1. There is no input output model questions in Reasoning this time..
      Distrtibution- 5ques
      Circular arrangement - 5
      Comparisions - 5
      Syllogisms -5
      questions from a given set of data - 5

  34. hi cn any1 tel is der wz any ques frm boats n streams???

  35. Hi, this site has been very helpful for me in preparing for ibps exams. Thanks a lot for the team who helped prepare such good articles and questions.

  36. how many question from computer?

  37. Mam?sir plz reply i hadn't downloaded my ibps rrb PO score card and i have secured 127. Now plz tell me how can i get it ?? plzzzz rplyyy

    1. download it from the web site.

  38. I have not download my ibps rrb score card..plzzzzzzzzz tell me how can I get it....plz help mee...

  39. I have not download my ibps rrb score card..plzzzzzzzzz tell me how can I get it....plz help mee...


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