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September 22, 2013

Model Practice Tests for IBPS and SBI Clerks Online Exams - Computer Awareness


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_________________modify the input of  other keys

Userless computers are controlled by the ______________

______________ was one of the first peripherals to be used with computers

_____________ is an action where the pointer touches the object, then you quickly press and release the primary mouse button once

___________ an item means pointing to the item with the mouse pointer and then pressing and releaseing the mouse button twice in rapid succession

______ is a very handy tool where you can drag text from one location to another in a document

_______________ usually opens a shortcut menu that contains commands and options that pertain to the item to which you are pointing

__________ has a small wheel nested among its buttons.

_________ is the study of the physical relationship between people and their tools such as computers.

In a ___________ monitory electron gun shooots a beam of electorns thorough a magnetic coil which aims the beam at the front of the monitor

________________ comprise the area of the keyboard that looks like a typewriter's keys.

___________ is / are usually located on the right side of the keyboard

_________ allow you to input commands without typing long stripes of characters

____________ let you move around the screen without using a mouse

_____________ perform a unique function

A _________ notes that a key has been pressed

__________ is the process of using a mouse to move the pointer to a location on the screen

____________ means pushing the mouse across your desk.

__________ is a fine mesh made of metal, fitted to the shape and size of the screen.

There are _____ main categories of liquid crystal displays

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  1. Question asked in 1st meeting 22nd sept rrb po
    1- writer of sea of poppies
    2- ETF stands for
    3- foreign trade policy in india announced by
    4- baht is currency of which countr
    5- GAAR is suspended for which date

  2. Not satisfied... Not upto the standards of :(

  3. ga was worst nt at all satisfied:(

    1. wt happen anon y not satisfies

    2. me too ,it was not ga,it was gk..not satisfied with the exam

  4. Me Too..GA was not at all Good..

  5. spelling mistake friend! that is function key! not ''funciotn''!


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