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September 23, 2013

Features of Word Processing


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What are the features of word processing ? This is one of the tricky questions you often encounter in competitive exams. People thinks that this question may related to some programming side and they simply ignore this question without even reading the given options. But friends, you all know about this word processing. You often use this technique too. But the problem is, you are not aware of the technical terms. What will you do if somebody asks you to say something about Microsoft Word ? Pretty easier right? But here the thing is, Microsoft Word is a word processing program in the Office package (MS Office). It has the following features.
  • Word Wrap : As we enter text onto a document, we do not have to press enter at the end of each line in order to move to a new line. The word processing program automatically does this for us. Each document has present margins and when the end of the line is reached, the program calculates whether the word being entered fits on the line. If it won't fit, without crossing the right margin, the program automatically moves the entire word to the beginning of the next line. This function is called word wrap.
  • Editing : When editing a document to correct mistakes, we can move the insertion point where we want to enter new text and then just type it in. To delete characters, we press backspace or delete, pressing backspace deletes characters to the left of the insertion point and pressing delete deletes those to the right. We can also drag the mouse to highlight any section of the text and then copy it to another file, move it to some other place in our document, give it in a new format or delete it all at once.
  • Spell Checks : Spelling characters compare all words in a document with a list of words in the program's dictionary. Any words not found in the dictionary are highlighted and we can then decide whether tho change them, leave them as is or add them to the dictionary. If we decide to change them, we can do so by selecting another word from a list of suggestions that is displayed when the word is highlighted. We will find many names and industry specific words highlighted even when spelled correctly. Programs that have an auto correct feature highlights words that are not in the dictionary as we type them. This makes it easy to correct misspellings as we go along.
  • Grammar Checkers : Grammar checkers are programs that check the grammar in our document as we go along. Checking grammar is certainly a good thing to do as we can improve our writing while we write. A grammar checker highlights grammar or usage problems such as double negatives, jargon words and punctuation errors and highlights possible style problems such as wordy expressions, ciches, weak modifiers, split infinitives and consecutive nouns.
  • Thesaurus : When using a thesaurus, we highlight a word and request the thesaurus to display a list of synonyms and antonyms. When the word wicked is highlighted, the thesaurus may display the synonyms sinful, erring , nefarious, wayward, dissolve, vile and vicious or the antonyms godly, innocent, good or honorable. We can select one of them and replace the highlighted word in the document.
  • Find and Replace : To locate words or phrases in a document, we use the find command. If the word or phrase we specify is found, the program highlights it. To substitute one word or phrase for another, we use the Replace command specifying what word or phrase we want to find and what we want to replace it with. If it is found, the program highlights it and offers us the opportunity to replace it or leave it unchanged and looks for the next occurrence.
As all the above mentioned features cannot be achieved with an ordinary typewriter, we can simply say that the word processing software is superior to the type writer. 

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