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July 23, 2013

Review of RBI Assistant exam held on 21-July-2013


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Friends, here is the review of RBI Assistants Exam held on 21st July 2013 shared by Mr. Nitin Garg, Danish Mahajan and Pranjal Dubey. We are very thankful to them for their contribution and we wish them great success in their exam. Read the review below. 

Review shared by Nitin Garg

Exam was so easy as expected but aptitude section was time consuming. The overall paper was easy but Aptitude section was time consuming. The cutoff for this exam will definitely go higher as the paper was so easy and every candidate gave their best.

General Awareness :
Banking terminologies, working of various bodies like SEBI, FIPB, SEBI, NABARD
Current SLR ratio?
Egypt’s new prime minister?
Deposit where no interest given ?
Maximum questions are concerned with bank related issues like whose approval required in FDI post 49 %

Reasoning :
Syllogism, Sitting arrangement in a circle, Coding decoding, input output series, Comparison,  data sufficiency

File extension, basic questions, internet, Ms office.

35 questions in simplifications, series, long simplification
Simple interest , Measuration , Average (3 questions)
Number series (2 question)
Time consuming section as questions asked in simplification maximum of decimal and fraction terms.

English :
Similar to bank clerical level and was easy.
Comprehension passage ( easy one)
Finding the error in the sentence
Find correct word for given blank

Last but not the least, "Champions are not super natural...   They just fight one second more .. when everyone else Quit...!!! ". All the Best...

Review shared by Danish Mahajan 

In  quant only simplification is asked & 5 statement questions

English was very easy

Question based on GA  were easy but time consuming. They asked 5-8 question on current and rest on banking. question was easy was but try to understand the qustion what they asked.

Reasoning was very very easy
1. seating arrangement
2. input output so easy
3. sylogism
4. puzle
5. inequality- no need to use pen
6. arguments

In Computers they asked questions from lil deep. The questions are lil lengthy and tough but no so much. Hope it helps. All the Best.

Questions shared by Pranjal Dubey
  •  wimbledon 2013 women singles winner
  • operation flood is associated with meghalaya chief justice
  • education day
  • brown label atm
  • best actress iifa awards 2013
  • deflation 
  • reverse repo rate
  • benefit of cheque truncation system
  • taxes on imports 
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  1. Thanks for update.plz update some question.

  2. concentrate on inpu and output exam they given very hard.

  3. thank u very much for ur guidence and latest information....

  4. thanks a lot nitin..........

  5. ma'am in our site do we have banking awareness stuffs?????????

    1. Yep there are Shakthi. But no enough for PO level. have a look
      Banking Awareness

      we will try to upload more soon.

  6. General Awareness ( 21-07-2013 morning session ) few i remember with my answers

    who is the governer of megalaya ? kk paul
    Reverse repo rate ? 6.75
    indias population ? 121 crore
    atm leased and maintained by agency and cash loaded by bank ?white label atm
    Hq of ICISD ( world bank child org ) ? wasington DC
    study of worker and work place ? ergonmics
    Expand Rfid ? radio freqency identification
    sbi card issued in kuwaith for direct deposit ?????????????? :-(
    why does CTS 2010 implented ? faster clearing process to make settelment faster
    who authorise five year plan ? NDC

    1. NDC........!!!!! its planning commission right?????????

  7. One more question i rember is that for how many days (mimimum) that bank accepts fixed deposits.

  8. Some More Question
    > Name of Com/Org. completed Platinum Jubilee in 2010
    >First PSU Mutual Fund Issued by?
    >Ringgit is the curruncy of which country?
    >Controller of NBFC’s

  9. as i remember some question ->

    >Controller of NBFC’s?
    >Ringgit is the curruncy of which country?
    >First psu’s mutual fund Issued by ?
    >Com/Org celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in 2010

    1. friend just now i came to platinum jubilee celebrated by RBI :O:O:O... u answered????

  10. thanq for sharing the information

  11. thanks a lot to vikky,gowdhaman,danish,pranjal.... this is wat i was expecting...

  12. one more the health of nation book author..


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