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July 14, 2013

Questions Asked in Today's (14th July 2013) NICL Assistants Exam - Afternoon Session


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Friends, here are some questions asked in today's (14-07-2013) National Insurance Company Assistants Exam (Afternoon Session) shared by our friends via comments and mails. We are very thankful to them for their support.

1.Who said the lines "water water everywhere,but not a drop to drink" ?
2.Who among the following has won Nobel prize,padma shri,padma bhushan,padma vibhushan and Bharatratna?(Options include Mother Theresa,Arubindo Ghosh)

3.Where is the premanent secretariat of SAARC located ?
4.What is the new name of Kalinga?
5.When did SAARC set up ?
6.The person who invented America(some more points about him..question was like He is so & so..)
7.Which of the state doesn't share boundary with Pondichery(question was not exactly like this,options Karnataka,Kerala,TamilNadu,Andhrapradesh).
8.Main source of electricity in India(options thermal,hydro etc).
9.Satyameva Jayade is taken from which Upanishad ?
10.The length of the train is same as that of the platform.The train covers the platform at a speed of 90km/hr in 1 minute.What is the length?(answers to be found out in meters)
11.A rectangular field is 90mx50m.There is a path forming the boundary of the field of width 5m,what is the area of the path ?
12.What is the true discount over Rs.1270 for 7 months at 10% per annum ?
13.Pick the odd one out...Shave:razor,Kinfe:cut,Draw:pencil(& one more,i dn't remember,sorry)
14.x-1/x=3,then what is x^2-1/x^2 ?
15.find cos(105)+sin(105) ?
16.find sin(66 1/2)sin(22 1/2).
17.Interchange X and +,7 and 2(some equations like 2-7+3=4 given,u have to put X for +,+ for X,7 instead of 2 and 2 instead of 7,and find out which equation is correct)?
18.form a meaningful sentence 1.i 4.did
19.1024 in computer is equal to what ?(options kilobyte,megabyte,gigabyte)
20.The binary digits in computer are ?(a.1,b.0,c.both a & b,d.3)
21.A device which is not directly connected to CPU is said as(Online,inline,offline.....)
22.A computer cannot work without ?(options--Hardware,Memory,Software package...)
23.A computer uses which language(answer is binary language....question is not exactly like this)
24.The storage mechanism in which the last entered data appears as the first(options include secondary storage,stack etc)
25.Array of storage(options include Magnetic tape,magnetic disk etc)
26.What is VGU ?
27.Which British company introduced bar code system for the first time ?
28.The microprocessor carries data via (options include data pins,input pins etc)
29.The optical disk is read using...(options include laser beam..)
30.Which device can be used to take coloured graphic (hardcopy) (options ink jet printer,laser printer etc)

Thats all i can remember friends...i couldn't do well.Next time prepare GK well (no question from current affairs),

Quantitative aptitude (no question from work and time,problems on ages,but geometry,surds and indices,trigonometry were there),

Computer Knowledge(it was easy as i am from CS background,non-cs students need deep preparation),

Reasoning (there were no syllogism,but analogy,reflected images,pie-chart,coding-decoding,pick odd man out etc were there)

All the best friends !!
Shared by Jgnpilot

Who is called as Missile man
Headquarter of SAARC
When is SAARC established.
First social conference in all India radio at..
Petroleum is found under which rocks
Who is only person to won Nobel prize, padma bushan, padma vibusan....
Shared by Kavin

quant: meansuration,trignometry, time&dist etc basics like bank clerical level
reasoning:analogy, coding, one sudoku etc.,
english: very easy even high school student can answer it.
gk: mostly stock gk,science, history etc.,
computer: little bit easy.
125 questions 250 marks. 0.25 negative mark.
over all paper is easy.
Shared by Anonymous

There were many printing mistakes at many places. English , Maths and reasoning were easy. Computers was moderate. GK was mostly from history and a little biology , nothing from current affairs.
Shared by Swathi

Mera 2nd shift tha. Ssc ke paper parten the. Reasoning & english thode easy tha, math thoda midium. But comp bahat dificult tha. Agar aap ssc exam kelie pripare hote ho toto no problem . Gk question sci, hist, geo se ayethe.
Shared by Vivek Das


  1. Computer section was too tough. It was very much conceptual. English and DI was easy. But maths and GI was not so easy else GK portion was compatible for SSC candidates.

    1. cbse class 12 sumita arora....should be thorough for the exam....

    2. pls publish karur vysya bank clerical question exam held on 14 july

  2. 1)what is flykeaf?
    2)after which king slave dynasty started in delhi ?
    3)kolar mines are situated in which state?
    4)how to move on ice?
    5)due to sun light,the lights of star is not affected?
    6)raj guru,bagatsingh are executed due to?
    7)petroleum is found in which rocks?

  3. I have written the NICL Assistants Exam in Afternoon Session .. The paper was moderate ..Not so easy not so tough ,,, but the main thing is I found lot of mistakes in the paper .. sometimes i found there is no answer in given choices .. but they had not given the option as None of these ... :-))

    1. Yes bro I also observed the same...... let's see what happens...

    2. In reasoning, one que I found N.O.T...but there was no option for i chose "NOP" ans.(i guess)

  4. Nice paper. But some reasoning questions do not have the appropriate answer among the four options.

  5. yaar they r making us syllaby there is general awareness but in real there is general knowlegde !! i think they don't know the difference b/w general awareness and knowledge..

    1. I appreciate your frank opinion ...not even 25% question asked from the Insurance or Finance domain or Current Affairs +Several mistakes in Question paper & wrong options/multiple answers for some questions. we cant even ask why this kind of paper is given for Insurance Companies.


    3. yes there are lots of mistake in questn and pattern was diffrnt..

  6. unexpected nothing to say about gk and aptitude,not even single question from current affairs

  7. Lots of mistakes in question paper. Paper is not so good. Except english all other sections were not like an usual bank exam paper. last time LIC was very easy when comparing to this. Fingers Crossed..

  8. gk was really bad not a single qtn was frm current affairs.reasoning and english was very easy.... guise just prepare gk on history and science...and math geometry...

  9. What im angry about is their printing mistakes...bloody all gk...bastards...atleast notification mein syllabus tho mention karna tha thik se!!

  10. Question paper had many mistakes. Worst question I've ever seen. Not for it's content but for the mistakes.
    Anyway negative mark is 0.5, not 0.25 as 1/4th of 2 is 0.5 ....

    1. Infact the question colour seemed irritating to me. RED is not good at all. Why not black? And the sequence of English and Hindi was also irritating.

    2. yes,there were many mistakes in the aptitude & reasoning sections for which I had to left many questions even after solving it...atleast in a exam they should n't do such blunder....

  11. not a proper question set for general insurance terms but not a single question from it or current affairs...

  12. not a single question on sylllogisms,current affairs.... even maths they could hav asked a lot f other qns which could hav been solved with 12th eligibility

  13. Thought it wud b lke SBI exam found it real mess.....lots of uncertanity

  14. mine was afternoon session....seriously no word for this exam... wat will say abt that reasoning qs..even those who set these qs they cant be able to give the answer...math n english was good.... computer was tough... but the one thing dat annoyed most how could they set question on pink color paper with red could one ll be comfortable to read those qs...not having this much common sense dat it cant be readable... got much frustrated after i hav appeared this exam..

    1. I also felt d same............

    2. absolutely true guys.....

  15. 1. how many triangles in this figure
    2. 5 questions from graph with two lines , percentage change in given years
    3. train cross the platform . ans= 750 meters
    4. 2-3 questions from circular graph showing expenditure of monthly income on 10%food, clothes, medicine etc.
    5. 3-4 questions like correct them by rearranging the signs (2-5+6=4), Or what will come if change - to +, < to >, / to * signs in given statement.
    6. edition -idetnoi , medical- demilac
    8. jovial -nqzxen etc.
    9. cbd- gfi....
    10. sin(105)+cos(105)
    11. some distance covered by cycle ,some by scooter , find time by scooter.
    12. how many 7`s are there with preceeded and followed by 7
    13. card punching made by IBM
    14. petroleum under sedimentery rocks
    15. 2 questions from mirror images
    16. 1 question of type __________
    ! 25! 10! ? !
    ! 15! 5 !10 !
    ! 14! 6 !35 !
    from KUWAR WALIA

  16. quality of the paper, questions, options suck! and a lot of spelling mistakes as well as wrong options were given for few ques! whoever prepared it is a complete dumbo!

  17. Gk section brought so much disappntment and complete questn paper was unable to judge likeeasy or tough.

  18. wht i m angry about is there all the ques had related to histroy.. i had learned only last six month of Cuurent affairs.. and computer knowledge me mujhe aisa lag rha tha,me microprocessor ki book pad ri hu.. microprocessor se hat ke koi another questn ni tha......

  19. I have nothing to say more over these.

  20. disappointing questions honestly. i can never expect an exam going so worse. Hopeless....... Rashmi you are very true...

  21. i am happy that no question came from current affairs and thank god i am well versed in Indian history so i am able to attend the questions... hopefully i am eagerly waiting for good score....

  22. what is da ans for tht pondicherry boundary

    1. y not kerala and Andhrapradesh.................?

  23. nthng frm crnt afrs, reasng no sylogism seatng arngmnt, maths sin cos tan ang trignometry, english ful of spelling and answr mistaks, cmputer in cs level on the whole no hope

  24. actually karnataka, kerala and Andhrapradesh all 3 states doesn't touch the boundary of pondicherry. qn is wrongly printed in qn paper...


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