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June 27, 2013

Karnataka Bank's Interview Experience of Clerks

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Friends, here is the interview experience of Karnataka Bank Clerks shared by our friend N. Sowmya from Andhra Pradesh. We are very thankful to her for her contribution and we wish her great success in her interview. Read her interview experience in her own words.
Name :  Sowmya N

Name of the Post : Clerks

Interview Date : 19-06-2013

Interview Venue : Hubli, Karnataka

I went to the center by 8 30 AM.  Sharply @ 9 they started certificate verification. Certificate verification was completed with in 20 minutes including Biodata form. By 9:30 they started interviewing one by one.  There were 2 panels. Each panel Consisted of 2 members.

I entered into the room by saying may I come in sir.  They said yes come and be seated. Isaid thank you sir.

They asked me r u from Karimnagar (Andhra Pradesh) by looking at my biodata form.  I said yes sir. They asked me whether this area is famous for Naxals. I said it was a number of years ago sir, but not now.

Then they asked me the following questions....

1. who is the president of india.
2. who is Rahul Gandhi.
3. what is EMT.
4. how is indian standard time measured.
5. where does green which pass from.
6. where is Burma located (on which direction to India).
7. is US ahead/behead of India in time.
8. on which side green which pass.
9. name the person who became pm from ur place.
10. say something about Rajeev Gandhi.
11. what is ur husband.
12. at what age did ur mother get marriage and you.
13. will u go if you get  posted @ Westbengal.
14. why did not you apply for officers.
15. did you attend any interviews other than Karnataka Bank.

other than these they asked me about my parents and my family 2-3 questions. I answered almost all questions except 2.

The interview was for 10-15 minutes.  While leaving I said thank you sir and left the room. Interviewers were very friendly. I feel I did well in this interview.

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