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April 24, 2013

LIC ADO Interview Experience - Bhupinder Singh

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Name - Bhupinder Pal Singh

Qualification - B. Tech (CSE)

State -  Punjab

Interview Date : 17th April 2013

Interview Venue : Amritsar Division

I reached the interview venue well in advance @ 8:55 am as interview was to schedule at 10:00

I came to know that mine number was second from Last ,So i just relaxed had breakfast ,discussed few topics related to interview. In the afternoon after document verification I had my interview turn.

The Questions Asked in the Interview are :

  1. You belong to Patiala , why did u apply for Amritsar ?
  2. What do you know about LIC?
  3. Private insurance companies?? Name them?
  4. Name public sector general insurance companies?
  5. Chairman of LIC?
  6. Chairman of IRDA?
  7. What is IRDA? functions?
  8. Finance Minister of  India?
  9. Family Backgroud?
  10. Why do you want to join LIC?
  11. How will u co-ordinate with insurance agency as you ae from Technical background?
  12. Do you think the profession you are into presently will help you in further growth
Hope it helps... All the best  :)

We are very thankful to Mr Bhupinder Singh on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution . We wish him great success in his interview. 

.... Gr8AmbitionZ Team

1 comment:

  1. Bhupi bhaji good luck from your x-classmate :) .... guess who??? :)


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