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April 06, 2013

Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks - Sunitha


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Name      : R Sunitha   

Interview : 20th March

IBPS Score : 118 Marks

Time      : 8:30 AM

Panel I   : 1

Venue     : Bangalore, Syndicate Bank - IT Department

I reached the venue by 7.30 am, security asked me to wait in the waiting hall. By 8.30 am interview panel staff came, and certificate verification started at 9 am.

By this time, only 6 candidates were present.

He called one by one name, some were absent. So he called to come those who are present, i was 4th perrson.

Cetificate verification completed by 9.30am

Interview panel was 4members (M1, M2,M3,F1)

I entered the room asking permission- i wished them goodmng. then they asked to sit-i said thank u sir.

M1: So u are coming from AP-
 i said yes
M1: why u have applied to Karnataka, not AP
i said my father's native place is Bellary, karnataka and our own house is there.As my father got railway job, he settled in AP. (M1 got satisfied)

M1: tell me about urself

I told explaining-my work experience in GVK EMRI( hyderabad)and my skills

M1:U did Master of Human resource management
 yes sir through correspondence

M1:what are the qualities of a company to have a good HR
i told

M1: how to motivate people
 i explained with my previous organisation work

M1:he asked how to motivate for bank employees and any thing to change in employee

Here i dont whether i made a mistake or not-- i told some bank employees get angry to give information to customers, because some times educated people also dont know where to do there transactions.

M2 : said its common M1: but only some not all

i said--yes sir i am telling of those some people only not all are like that. however with this some people, customers feel unhappy.

So we have to motivate them-not to get angry --explained

M1: with smile ok
 So what is ur native place guntakal's famous, bellary famous
 i explained
M1: will u do job any place in karnataka or only in bellary
I said im ready to do any where

M1: will ur mother allow ( he asked me this 3times)

i said --yes sir-yes sir

M1:in which place u worked in GVK EMRI--i said in hyderabad

M1: he said to ask M2:
M2: in kannada do u know kannada--i said in kannada i know little-im able to understand it but little confussed to give reply.

M2: with little angry--asked who is the para olympic person recently got win in olympics

i said --i dont know sir

M3: asked about debit and adhar cards--i explained
F1:what ur ambition in ur life
i told to get settled in bank job and after that im having to do some charity.

all said all the best--M2--also with smile on his face.

I said thank u sir and came out

So that was my Interview. Tell me how i did. I got 118marks(cut is 85) Im General PH candidate.

We are very thankful to Miss Sunitha on behalf of our readers and team members for her contribution and detailed analysis of the Interview. We wish her  great success in her interview. 

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  1. u did very well........ just try to learn kannada as it will be very useful once u r selected.

  2. my IBPS CLERK III score is 88 obc belongs to maharashtra what my chances

  3. Hi frnd i am also from ap.i applied and qualified in karnataka..i don't know how to talk in kannada give me some suggestions..9885827313 this is my no..

  4. Hi sunitha its renuka......i ve scored 85....obc...cut off is 63.....what was the cut off during your time?
    Are there any chance for me for the final selection.....please reply

    1. Me also I am from ap.but selected in Karnataka clerk3 , obc my score is 87. Interview date is 13th corpration bank ,u'rs interview date plz

  5. could you just confirm if i have to take fitness certificate for ibps clerical interview

  6. Madam ! I have scored 118 marks GEN from Tamil Nadu ..

    Is there any chance for me to get selected ??

  7. Hiii Mam, I have got 118 GEN in Clerk III From Tamil Nadu !!

    Is there any chance for me to get selected mam?? Waiting for your Reply :)

  8. Mam Am from Tamil Nadu & have scored 118 (GEN) in IBPS CLERK III .. I

    S there any chance for me to get selected in interview ? Kindly REplyy mam !


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