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March 13, 2013

Online Model Practice Papers for IBPS IT Officers Exam


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Friends, here is a practice paper for upcoming IBPS IT Officers exam. We made this model paper by keeping last year's IBPS IT Officers paper in mind. Hope this will help you in your preparation. All the best.

1.      OLAP applications are widely used by _____________ and it uses ___________ schema.
a.       RDBMS, Bus
b.      Operating System, Star
c.       Java, Bus
d.      Data mining Techniques; Star or multidimensional
e.       None of these

it officers online test papers
2.      _____________ testing is done to assure that software will not fail

a.      Quality assurance test

b.      Interface test

c.       Integration test
d.      Volume test
e.       None of these

3.      The primary goal of Data Base Management System is to ____________
a.       Store information
b.      Maintain Information
c.       Retrieve Information
d.      All of the above
e.       None of the above

4.      A computer understands
a.      Machine Information
b.      High level information
c.       Codes
d.      All of the above
e.       None of the above      

5.      The fastest translator that converts high level language is _______
a.       Interpreter
b.      Compiler
c.       Assembler
d.      All of the above
e.       None of these

6.      Crimes in the software industry are in comparison to those of the general category ________
a.       Of less serious nature
b.      Unaffected by stringent legal and / or organizational controls
c.       Of higher volume and or bigger size
d.      Punishable by law relatively easily
e.       None of these

7.      If there is no fire detection and control equipment in bank’s computer lab, which of the following is MOST important in such circumstances?
a.      Offsite storage of transaction and master back up files
b.      Adequate fire insurance
c.       Fully tested backup processing facility
d.      Regular hardware maintenance
e.       None of these

8.      A software development technique where project management needs are addressed first and artificial approach to development is adopted is __________
a.       Rapid prototyping model
b.      Incremental development model
c.       Evolutionary development model
d.      Waterfall model or SDLC model
e.       None of these

9.      Arrange the following in increasing order of their size
a.       Data Base < File < Record < Field < Byte < Bit
b.      Bit < Byte < Field < Record < File < Database
c.       Bit > Byte < Field < Record < Field > File > Database
d.      Bit > Byte > Record > Field > File > Database
e.       None of these

10.  Roll forward and roll back are two major ways of back up. Which among the following should be logged for facilitating roll forward?
a.      After images
b.      Before images
c.       All valid transactions
d.      All of these
e.       None of these

11.  SONET uses ___________
a.       Twisted pair cable
b.      Fiber-optic cable
c.       All of these
d.      Co-axial cable
e.       All of these
f.       None of these

12.  Which of the following identification techniques provides the best means of user authentication?
a.       What the user knows
b.      What the user has and what the user knows
c.       What the user is
d.      What the user has
e.       None of these

13.  When given a contract to an outside agency for developing software for automation of the firm, all the related data then belongs to _________
a.      The service provider
b.      Is with the client / organization that outsource services
c.       Is shared by both parties
d.      All of these
e.       None of these

14.  Which institution is planning for a local gateway in India for Credit / Debit card to replace VISA?
a.       Indian Institute of Science
b.      Indian Institute of Technology
c.       National Payments Corporation of India
d.      RBI
e.       None of these

15.  OSI reference model has _______________ layers
a.      7
b.      8
c.       4
d.      3
e.       10

16.  Which data communication is used to send data over a serial communication link?
a.       Simplex
b.      Half Duplex
c.       Full Duplex
d.      All of these
e.       None of these

17.  The IP address belongs to ___________ class
a.      A
b.      B
c.       C
d.      D
e.       None of these

18.  Which of the following cannot be used for extinguishing fire in computer room ?
a.       Carbon dioxide
b.      Halon gas system
c.       Dry pipe
d.      All of the above
e.       None of these

19.  Which of the following makes WEB insecure ?
a.       RSA Security Algorithm
b.      Network Interface Card (NIC)
c.       Static Keys
d.      Shared Secret Keys
e.       None of these

20.  A bank uses wide area network to allow its customers to remotely log onto the office server using notebook computers and dial-in modems. Which of the following methods would provide best data security in such a situation?
a.      End to end data encryption
b.      Dedicated phone lines
c.       Call back features
d.      Enforcing regular password changes
e.       None of these


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