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March 27, 2013

Interview Experience of IBPS Clerk 2013 - Preeti Kumari

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Name - Preeti Kumari

Qualification - B.Com (hons.)

Date of interview - 19th march 2013

Venue - Rohtak, Haryana

Panel - II

Time - 1 PM

After my documents verification ,and after waiting too much from 1 p.m ,my turn came at around 5 p.m as i was the last candidate of my panel ..

i entered the room and wished all the members.There were 4 members 3 male and 1 female.

F-tell us about ur family ?
M1- why didn't u go for police job (as i said dat my father is in police so they asked me the question)
f- what is your marks in ur graduation and when did you complete your graduation?
M3- what is bank.?
M1- what changes you wanna see in banking .?
M2- agar hum tmse bank me pension lene ayenge to pehchan to logi na ?
M1 - where do you prefer to work. ,your home town or anywhere??
M1 – will you leave us if u got a better job?
m2- what r u thnking about us hum kaise lge tmhe n bhar aur jo candidate interview dekr gye h wo kya bol re the about us...
m2- if we will offer u job or almond (baadaam ),what will you choose ?/

before exiting the room i thanked all of them with a smile.

I have answered all the questions.. on some answer they laughed very much.. my interview took 10-15 minutes ...
they all were very very friendly...
i don't know what will b the result but my interview was very very good... wish me luck...
All the best friends.. hope for the best.. :)

We are very thankful to Preeti Kumari on behalf of our readers and team members for her contribution. We wish her great success in his interview. Thank you so much for the caring and understanding sis....

.... Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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1 comment:

  1. my interview was rigorous, i don't even remember how long it was, may be 20-25 mins, sometimes i feel i did good job again i feel no i didn't, giving sleepless nights of anxiety....u did well...


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