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March 19, 2013

IBPS CLERK II Common Interview Experience - Mayurika Prakash


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Friends, here is the Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks shared by our friend Mayurika Prakash. Her interview was held in Noida on 18th March 2013. We are thankful to her on behalf of our readers and team members of Gr8AmbitionZ for her great contribution and wish her great success in her interview. Here is her experience of IBPS Clerks Interview in her own words.

Name :- Mayurika Prakash

Qualification :- B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering)

Interview Date :- 18 March 2013

Time :- 08:30 A.M.

Place :- Bank of India  Staff Training College, Noida

Panel :- II

I reached interview venue at 08:00 A.M. There were many candidates and their parents waiting outside interview venue. We got entry at 08:30 A.M. We were informed to sign the attendance sheet and go in the main hall and to wait for the further instructions.

Then our names were called panel wise and they instructed us to go for document verification at hostel in the campus. My document verification was completed by 09:30 A.M. Then I was sent to interview panel room and informed to wait outside for my turn.  My turn was fourth in my panel.  Then my  name was called.

I entered into interview room.  There were four members (M1 M2 M3 & F1). I wished them Good Morning  they told me to sit.  My interview lasted for about 10 min.

They asked me about 15-20 ques. Here I am writing all the questions.  Hope it will be helpful for other candidates.

M1: Where is your native place? For what it is famous?
M1: From where have you done your graduation?
M2: Do you know writing Hindi? (as it was for Delhi state and I am from Gujarat they asked me this question)
M3: What is bank? What are its functions?
M3: What is difference between nationalized bank and private bank?
M1: Where is HQ of bank of India? Is this bank nationalized or not?
M2: What are types of account?
M2: Why do you put your money in bank?
M2: If you have more money in your account, what will you do for getting more interest?
M3: Do you have bank account? In which bank?
M1: What is no frill account?
M1: Why do you want to join bank after
F1: How to use minimum water in farm for irrigation? (as irrigation was one of my subject in engineering)
F1: What is KYC?
F1: Which documents are needed for opening an account?
M3: Tell about bank nationalization.
They smiled and asked one last question, you are from Gujarat so tell me
M1: Who is the brand ambassador of Gujarat?
I answered Mr. Amitabh Bachchan with smile.
 Then they said ok you may leave now.. I thanked them and left the room. I answered almost all the questions.  Hoping for the best.

My suggestion:- be confident and don’t get nervous.  All the best.

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  1. thanx for sharing.whats ur cwe score

    1. welcome. My cwe score is 125.

    2. hey mayurika i want to knw that when going to interview hall for interview do we need to take some file or documents with us or all documents will be presented to interviewee before only..

    3. Documents are needed only for verification. You do not need to take it in interview room.

    4. thanks a ton mayurika.. can u plz tell us, one set of xerox document is needed or two?

    5. thanks for sharing frnd...ALL THE BEST...

  2. Thats good u r selected...

  3. thank you very much for your sharing..............

  4. hi mayurika , thanks for u r efforts , may i know your score in ibps clerks2

  5. you have done a good job.. nice experience.. thanks for sharing.. :)

  6. Were they asked for character certificate?
    please any one tell me I have Interview tomorrow and whose sign should be on certificate...
    Thanl you..

    1. As far as I know they dint asked for Character Certificate Prasanna.. SO dont b tensed.. But its advisable to take if you already have it with you..

      all the best

  7. mam pls rply pls.i dont have my degree certificate with me.what shuld i do?

    1. They will ask for it at the time of verification friend. Do you have marks sheet at least? Anyways, no need to be tensed. They just will ask you to write a letter of undertaking by saying that you will submit it within a month. So better attend the interview.

      All the best

  8. ibps recruitment is all fucking recruitment clercial job doesnot require all this .after qualify lowest mark wont get any job even ha has ability to the job.increase vacancy no .........and let them fillled by all qualified candiates ..or increase qualify mark

  9. mera interview 18 march 2013 ko jaipur bob me hua

  10. thanx a ton dear i also have an interview over dere on 24th n im really very nervous n afraid of really ur question made me relax...thank u so much....

  11. Thank dear for sharing your interview expierence!!My name is Sumit sahay.My score is 123 from Delhi.I am from General category!!My interview will be at Bank of India,Sector-62,Noida!!SAME PLACE!!!!

    1. hows ur interview?? i also have an interview at the same place bt on 23rd March?
      Please tell me what they asked to you?

  12. I attended Clerk interview on Coimbatore (AN 1 PM BATCH), I like to share my experience first of all they asked us to order the certificates as
    1.Application form for ibps
    2.Call letter for interview
    3.Bio Data form(Which they collect from you first itself)
    4.10, 12, Consolidated + Degree Certificate
    5.Experience Certificate if applicable.
    6.Caste Certificate (Fill and bring the form (one given in IBPS website) its mandatory). Dont worry if u not have the form signed by a Tasildhar yet, but try to get it within one week. Becoz they get a sign from me in underwriting and ask me to produce the form within one week.

    Then they will verify the certificates, then you are allowed to take interview the panel consists of 4 members all are friendly only, they ask some general questions and 2 or 3 subject related questions which u mention in ur biodata form.

    They asked me,
    1.What is MIS?
    2.Who will sign in the Balance Sheet of the company?
    3.Agricultural Finance
    4.What is NABARD where it is HQ located?
    5.RBI HQ?
    6.Full for of IBPS?
    7.Questions related to my hobbies?
    I put chatting one of the panel member said dont put chatting as it may sometimes create bad impression on u. So take care when u put the hobbies.
    8.Finally they ask wherever if we put u will u go?

    Then they said "All the best!!!"
    So good luck guys!!! Perform well.

    1. Thank you so much for the concern friend. If you don't mind please do mail us your experience at with your basic details. We will upload it in the blog. All the best.

  13. Aarthy:
    my interview completed on today,very very f9 interview wit smiling panel members,did well.all d best 4 oters who r atending interview. my id is

  14. Please upload an interview experience of a GENERAL CANDIDATE who got selected.

  15. what should be the ans for the qn if u are selected as clerk for bank of india in mar 2014 and u get a PO job in canara bank in next year.


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