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March 28, 2013

Bank Interview Experiences - IBPS Clerks - K. K. Chaitanya


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Name : Kalavai Krishna Chaitanya

IBPS Score : 118

Qualification : B.Tech (Computer Science and Systems Engineering)

Venue : S.V.University, Tiruapati

Interview Date and time : 23-03-2013 & 8:30 AM

Panel : II

I reached the interview venue at 8 AM, after documents verification my interview started at 9:30 AM. There were 4 members in the panel (3Males + 1Female), I entered into the room after asking permission, and they offered me to take the seat, I again wish them (thanks) and sat in the chair with a smiling face.

M1: Where are you from?
M1: Where did you complete your 10th, Intermediate and Graduation?
M2: What is your father and they asked entire details of my father’s profession?
M3 (F): What is your score in the exam (IBPS)?
M1: What was the name of your course in the B.Tech? What is its Importance (I said the course name is “Computer Science and systems Engineering”, that’s why they specially ask the importance of the course).
M3 (F): What is DLD (Digital Logic Design)? What is the main use of it?
M3 (F): which subjects do you like most in the graduation?
M3 (F): What is Banking (This is the only question they asked me related to banks).
M2: Did you take any coaching? (I said no in polite way)
M4: For what Tirupati is famous?
M4: Do you know reading and writing of Telugu?
M4: Which poet name we heard regularly when we are talking about tirupati (I said Annamacharya)? What is the full name of him?

M4: Who constructed Tirumala temple (They asked this question because I said tiruapti is a tourist city and it is famous because of Tirumala Temple).
M2: If you are selected, are you willing to work anywhere in Andhra Pradesh?
Then they said ok and said “All the Best” to me. I wish them and walked outside with a smiling face.
Panel members are very friendly in nature.
My dear brothers and sisters, be relax and be confident don’t get nervous during interview day, whatever you know express it clearly, they just check your confidence not the answers. So be brave and I wish you all the best, do well  

We are very thankful to Mr Krishna Chaitanya on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution and encouragement. We wish him great success in his interview. 

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  1. Hello am from udupi , our int is good their is two panel but in the panel 2 they don't ask any question regarding bank just they ask what is ur name what is future plan,but in panel 1 they ask so many question regarding bank,how they give marks muje iss tharhaka interview karnana acha nahi laga all the candidates Padkar hi exam pass kiye hena am anti for this. This is Dhoka haina.plc hamko justice chahihe.

  2. thank u krishna !


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