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February 25, 2013

IBPS Specialist Officers Previous Paper Held on 11-3-2012 - IT Officers


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41.  Override is a method __________
       a.    For an operation that replaces an inherited method for the same operation
       b.    For a data that replaces an inherited method for the same operation
       c.    For an operation that takes arguments from library function
      d.    All of these
      e.    None of these

42.    Local variables _________
a.    Are created outside a block
b.    Are known only to that block
c.    Continue to exist when their block ends
d.    Area illegal in C++
e.    None of these

43.    ____________ is virus that inserts itself into a system’s memory. Then it take number of actions when an infected file is executed.
a.    Web scripting virus
b.    Polymorphic virus
c.    Macro virus
d.    Boot sector virus
e.    Resident virus


  1. In Time Management in SBI PO exam,u have told to skip the comprehension passage do u suggest to skip it completely or to first attempt the easy questions and then the passage within that 20 or 25 minutes.Also please upload the last year IBPS SO Quant section and do u have any idea regarding IBPS Clerk interview dates

  2. Thanks a lot mam....If it is possible plz upload Quantitative Aptitude paper of IT Officer scale-I.

    1. also update previous so papers of marketing

    2. Till now we've managed to get the previous papers of IT and Rajbhasha adhikari only Friend. We will try to upload marketing and other previous papers soon. But are not sure :(

  3. some answers not given please complete


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