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January 22, 2013

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience - Vaibhav Sharma


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Friends, here is the IBPS Common Interview Experience (Probationary Officers) shared by our friend Vaibhav Sharma. He is from Agra. We are thankful to him for his great contribution and suggestions for the fellow aspirants. wishes him great success in his interview. Here is his interview experience in his own words. 

bank po common interview experiences

Name - Vaibhav Sharma
Interview - IBPS PO II
Date of Interview - 21/01/2013
Interview Venue - Bank of Baroda, Agra
Panel Number - III

Questions (Not in particular order coz the number of questions was very high. They were just asking questions from the answers you are giving)
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Any News Related To Share Market(coz i told my hobby is reading about the share market)
3. What is insider trading and give any example in indian context
4. Name of biotech companies listed on share market(coz i 've done in biotech)
5. What is fermentation and give examples
6. Tell about kiran mazumdar shaw(CEO of biocon)
7. What is ASBA?
8. What is NEFT and RTGS, which is faster
9. Biometric ATMs and their principle of working
10. Biometric ATMs are useful for?
11. Alternate Banking Channels
12. Who is Bull
13. Who is Bear
14. Currently Market In Bull Phase of Bear Phase
15. What Is your score?

I said 161, they all smiled and wished me good luck :)

Suggestions to Aspirants : As I already told, they are just making the maximum number of questions from your answers only. So if you don’t know anything, don’t just throw stones blindly… Because your answer may lead to another question and ultimately you may lead to trouble. Stay cool and answer frankly… All the best.

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