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January 17, 2013

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience - Ankita Rastogi


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Friends, here is the Common Interview Experience of IBPS Probationary Officers shared by our friend Ankita Rastogi. We would like to Thank her on behalf of us  and our readers for her Great Contribution to helping other Aspirants. We wish her Gr8 success in her interview. Here is her Interview Experience in her own words.
Name - Ankita Rastogi
City - Lucknow
Venue - Bank of baroda gomti nagar lucknow

I entered the room there were four men..they asked me sit and be comfortable
M3-wat is ur qualification ankita..i replied-mba
M2-wat is the operations

m3-tell me about ur family background
M3-wat sub you had in graduation
M2what is banking?
M2-wat bank does?
M1-some years back lalu prasad came to iim lucknow..wat was the reason??
M2-what is CD ratio?
M3-tell me name of any two deputy gov of rbi?
M2-wat is financial inclusion?
m3-how bank is the backbone of economy?
M4-wat is kyc?
wat is no fril account?
rbi govr came lucknow which village he visited?
m1-which prog recently made aamir khan popular?wat was the motive of the prog?
M1-if someone gives you some money and asked to open account in bank widout id proof would you open??
M2-wat you will do in bank?
aftr that they told me ok ankita u can goIsaid thanku sir
I gave ans of all the ques except cd ratio.. Lets hope for the best...

Message to aspirants : Friends, be calm and don't get about current news they are asking mostly recent thing..all the best

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ibps po 2013 common interview experience


  1. Thank you so much Ankita madam. for share and suggestions. God bless

  2. how much u got in written test mam

  3. i was there Ankita .

  4. Thanks sis for sharing

  5. Thnx! So much 4r sharin.. :-)

  6. No group discussion for Common interview PO?

    1. Yep. therez no GD Surinder. Only Common Interview

  7. You got selected or not??????

  8. What isCD Ratio as asked in Ankita's interview??

  9. What is CD Ratio as asked in Ankita's interview?? Can someone explain??


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