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January 26, 2013

IBPS Common Interview Experience - Raksha Bajpai


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Friends, our friend from Kanpur Miss Raksha Bajpai is sharing her IBPS Common Interview Experience of Probationary Officers. We are very thankful to her on behalf of our readers and our team members for her great contribution. We wish her great success in her interview. Here is her interview experience in her own words. 


Mah frst interview n wrst interview...
4 members wr thr in the panel..
q1. apne bare me btayiye,qualification,bank me kyo aana chahti hai?
a-told (bich me hi interrupt kr dia) me kitne members hai..kaun kaun hai..
q-3 bhai kya kr rha hai..kitne % hai uske..(aisa lg rha tha ki mera interview ni uska interview hai..)
q-4 tmhare 10th me kitne % the,(70%)12th me kitne % the(63%)..12th me km kaise ho gye..thn suddenly next member asked n how much in BBA..I said 73.5%...he said ok..
q-5 acha abi pdhai kr k aye ho... I said ys sir thodi bhut.. thn he asked 2 din phle p.chidambaram ne economy pe kuch bola tha.. newspaper me aya tha..kya kha tha...
I wsn't rembr (actually maine newspaper hi ni pdha tha..:)..thn I private banks ko license dene ki baat boli hai..
q-6 thn he asked aur koi news..
a- I said railway up me 5 places pe coin welding machines lgva rha hai to resolve the problems of coins..thn he said ok..
q-7 Then he asked income tax k under heads kaun kaun se hote hai...
a-thn i only said salary...(iske alava koi ni ata tha..:(
q-8 indusrial law me kaun kaun se law ate hai...
a- i said wages law...thn the person sitting in the middle said wages jo person ques.pooch rha tha he said..are use btane do..(maine socha mujhe ata hi ni hai kya btau..i said sry sir i d'nt knw)
q-9 thn another member askd...up se 3 prime ministers kaun huye hai...or unme se ek kanpur se the vo kaun the...i ws totally blank at tht tym...bilkul yaad hi ni aya..
thn again I hav to said sry sir...then he said are ek to aapke uncle hi honge..(atal bihari vajpayee)...i said sry sir i forget..:(

thn the last ques. asked by the last member...wts ur score? i said 148..he said good good...

itna mjak udane k baad lst me good bol kr or insult kr di...

No banking ques...itna pdha..kuch ni poocha..thy r jst doing tym pass and atlast thy offered me a toffee..i said thanku..nd i left d room..
very disappointed...:(

Analysis : As she was thinking, the interview really doesn't went bad. After all they just have been checking her patience levels and how she can handle worse and unexpected situations. In fact shez almost succeed in making a good impression. So have good chances for the selection. Once again wishing her great success :)

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  1. Admin is correct sis. You have good chances. Thanks for sharing. God bless

  2. All the very best Raksha :) You got a very beautiful name. Hey! Don't worry the interview seemed quite positive. :) You will get through. Just chill, :)

  3. ya i also agreed .ur interview was good and u have good chances.
    best of luck dear.
    actually interview me confidence,patience,attitude,etc quality pe jyada focus rahta h .
    at last thanks for sharing ur valuable experience.

  4. mam i want to share my interview exp. but how

    1. You can mail us at along with your picture and suggestions to aspirants Ajay... We will post it

  5. thnks alot fr motivating..lets hope fr d bst..:)

  6. hii,,i want to ask from admin and all the candidates who have appeared for PO 2 interview dat interviewers ask questions in english or in hindi and if it is must to answer in english.

    1. Usually for PO interviews they ask questoins in English and you should respond in the same Pratima.. But for PO Common Interviews they have been asking questions in local language too.. For them you should respond in local language only... What I mean to say you is.. just answer questions in the SAME language they ask you questions...

      All the best :)

    2.'s nt a complusion..u cn ans in ny language in wch u r u cn see in mah interview dy only ask ques. in my local lang i.e.,hindi..thy didn't ask me a single ques. in eng. so d'nt wry u ans in ur cmfrtable lang. n shivani ma'am is absolutely ri8..

  7. @all..thnks ur valuable comments..
    @tanya...thnks frst tym some1 hs noticed my name that it's a beautiful name..thnks dear..:)


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