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January 21, 2013

IBPS Common Interview Experience - Mohan Das

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Friends, today our brother Mr Mohan Das is going to share his Interview Experience held at Calcut (Kerala) on 19th January 2013. We wish him great success and thanks to him on behalf of all our readers for sharing this interview experience and his valuable suggestions for aspirants. Here is his interview experience in his own words. 

NAME : Mohan Das
VENUE : Calicut, Kerala
DATE : 19.01.2013
TIME : 11.30

I was the second last person . and My turn came at 5.45.
4 Male members in PANEL
TIME taken : 10-15 Min
Started my interview with my warm evening wishes
they offerd chair to me
1. give us a brief introduction 
2. so u r commerce graduate, Whts ur percentage in graduation, and in which college u studied
3. What is a balance sheet
4. Ur main subject is INCOME TAX, whats the income tax slab for a senior citizen and super senior citizen, and whts the diffrnce b/n both of them?
5. U have 3 yrs working experience in share market and seems tht u have resigned 2 years before Y ? and currently wht r u doing
6. Whts ur fathers business. His annual income ? 
7. than y u opting a job , u can join with ur fathers business"
8. whats ur strong and weak points , - ( Quick learning leadership quality and my experience of dealing with clients)
9. hw ur strong points will help a bank 
10. can u give any event tht conducted successfuly under ur leadership
11. k, whts ur weak point (when they asked to say ur weakness , first i confused wht to say thn i told i cant able to express my weakness ritenow, it was one of my weak ness
whole panel laughed and make funny commnts)
12. Wht are your Hobbies - ( Playing voleeyball and reading)
13. Whats ur heigt ? ( 5’11”)
14. no no u r more thn 6' , u mistaken, ( sorry sir , I have only 177 cm sir )
15. Do u think this height is gud for u ( ys sir , its gud and comfort for me )
16.ask about willingness to work with rural areas ( Sure sir, its my pleasure to work any where in india, especially in ruaral areas )
17. suppose u become a branch manager and i approach u for a loan to start a business, wht r the necessory steps u r going to taken ( study nature of business, calculate the profitability of business, assess repayment capacity, before completing this they told ok and askd final qstn )
18.Whats ur IBPS score

and finally they offerd choclate, and i took 2 choclates.

Suggestions to Aspirants : As far as I know, they are just checking whether you can cope with the bank job or not. So no need to ram up current affairs or other stuff. Just prepare your core subjects, important events occurring at present and basic banking terms and functionalists. And concentrate more on your communications. Thats enough.. All The Best

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  1. Dear Can you tell me what was your answer for share market experience and leaving reason


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