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January 18, 2013

IBPS Bank PO Interview Experience - Neha Kapoor


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Friends, today our Friend Neha Kapoor is going to share her Interview Experience of UCO Bank's Probationary Officers. We would like to thank her on behalf of us and our readers for her great contribution to helping other aspirants. Here is her interview experience in her own words. Over to Neha Kapoor.

Hello frndzz !!! I'm Neha Kapoor frm Jabapur,(M.P.). I've selected in UCO Bank as a Probationary Officer (PO) after a long struggle with serious and dedicated preparation.....

I m feeling gr8 n really thankful to god for giving me this opportunity and position today.... I'm really very thankful to Shivani for always guiding n motivating me and providing efficient information thru this site.....really thnx frm d core of my heart .

I feel immense pleasure to share my interview experiences with u all...

...I faced 4 interviews in all...3 clerk and 1 Po interview...nt selected in 3 interviews bt finally selected in d last one .

There were 4 members in the  panel...

they started with my personal background, asked about my Degree.. They asked me to speak abouJabalpur for 2 mins....

Thethe real game started

They started asking situational questions like if you have target to get 50 crore deposit for bank..
then what steps will u follow?
If u enter a class and students start making nuisance then how will u manage?? (as i'm presently working as a lecturer they've askd this ques I guess )...
The questions were mainly focused on my current job...
They asked me about the diff b/w Professor n Lecturer??
To Define university norms..
How many universities are dere in Jabalpur ??
About my salary...then they asked whetherI faced po2 or not..i said NO... Because I've hopes on my PO1.
Ovrconfidence ? They asked
May be.  I said.... as i was pretty sure about my selection in po1 only..
Thn thy asked wats d difference between confidence and overconfidence
I said "I can do is confidence, I only can do is over confidence"
They smiled and asked some questions from banking like bank rates, diff b/w draft n cheque etc...
at the end they offered chocolates
(one of d panel member asked me to take one more..... selection chocolate i guess)

Result : She got selected as a Probationary Officer in UCO Bank 

My Suggestions to Fellow Aspirants : Wat all I can say is just be calm in mind n keep a smile on ur face. All The Best...

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