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January 09, 2013

Expected Questions with Answers for IBPS Common Interview - Set 2


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Friends, here is the Set 2 of some most expected questions with answers for the upcoming Banking Interviews (SBI Associates Clerks Interview, IBPS RRB Interview and IBPS POs Common Interview). You can read Set 1 from Here. Feel free to use the comments box below if you have any additional questions. You can read complete Banking Interview Tips and Tricks from Here. All The Best :)

Can you explain about the gaps in your career or in your studies?  
Generally interviewers will think that the candidates with gaps do not have capabilities to do the job. So you have to provide convincing answer for the interviewers.
Long illnesses : You can mention it if you have any proof just keep it with you (but this answer is not advisable)
Courses : You can say them that you did some Extra to improve your skills, certificate of that course should be with you while going for the interview.
If you don’t have any documents then stay relax and tell them that you have been preparing for Bank Exams (this will help you to fill the gap of 2 years maximum… Don’t try to tell them that you have been preparing  for banks since last 4 or 5 years. It may put a negative remark on you)

Are you willing to work over time, Nights, Weekends?  
Be honest with this question because the interviewers never gonna believe you even if you say you will work 18+ hours for bank. Ofcourse, being a PO you cant expect a 9 to 5 work. So, simply tell them that you can work hard if you feel the bank needs it and it will be helpful for your career, because you can gain great knowledge  and experience while working.

Are you Confident ?  
This question is asked to estimate your SERIOUSNESS towards the job you’ve applied for (either it may be PO or Clerks). So simply saying “Yes, Sir” is not enough. You just should tell them how much you work hard to gain that confidence. You simply can tell them how you’ve prepared for the interview.  They will observe your body language, be cautious on your posture. Try to keep a little smile while answering this question. It will make you appear confident (of course, its advisable to keep a tiny layer of smile during the entire interview if possible).

How will you manage your Personal life with the Job ?
This is the obvious question you are going to face if you are Married (especially woman).  You should be little cautious while answering these type of tricky questions. Don’t blindly tell them that you are going to dedicate your complete life for the bank, no body believes this answer. Just tell them that you have got understanding husband/wife, so it wont be a problem for you. Infact banking is your dream job and with the support of your family only you could clear the written exam. And banking and family are equally important for you.  

Why your grades were very less / Why were you not better in school/college? 
You can say health problems (if you have proofs), but this answer is not advisable. Better give them the frank answer for these type of questions.
One of my brothers had very less percentage in his graduation (54%). He attended the interview of State Bank of Hyderabad. There he faced the very same question. He simply took a deep breathe and answered “Being a Telugu medium student, it was little difficult for me to cope with the lessons in English medium. I was so confused of these grading system and the subjects in English. One thing led to another and as you know every semester of mine was linked to another… finally ended up with less grades. Ofcourse, I am not trying to blame the situations sir, my negligence too one of the reason behind my low grades. When I realized it, I lost all the good chances to cover it. Couldn’t get S/W job with those less grades. So according to my uncle’s suggestion, I prepared on my own for banking exams and in result, I am in front of you people and answering this question
Can you guess the result of the above interview? He got selected as a PO and presently working in SBH as an assistant manager.

Are you a hard worker or smart worker? 
In this question you have to balance both. My studies and experiences can show you that I am a hard worker (if you have good grades). How ever I am ready to learn how to work smartly. But for the bank job IQ is not only the main factor. Interacting with people, solving problems and making decisions related to the job are important. According to me both hard work and smart work are inter related and necessary for the bank job.

 Thats all for now friends. 

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  7. Mam how to ans Question...why bank job after doing in computer science ?

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