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January 25, 2013

Common Interview Experience of IBPS PO II - Ramesh Yadav G


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Friends, our friend from Hyderabad Mr. Ramesh Yadav has recently attended IBPS PO Common Interview at Andhra Bak Head Office, Hyderabad. He is going to share his valuable Interview Experience. We would like to thank him on behalf of all our readers and team members for his great contribution and help. We wish him great success in his interview. Here is his interview experience in his own words.

NAME : RAMESH YADAV G                                                             

Hi Friends, I am ramesh yadav. I want to share my IBPS PO Common Interview Experience with you people. I reached the interview venue at 8:AM. And around at 8-35 am they called me for certificate verification it took 5-8 minutes .Finally at 9-30am they called me for interview.

I was the first member among 25 in my panel
I entered into the Interview room by 9.30am

Wished them and then they offered me to sit. Sat and said thanks. There were 4 members in my Interview panel (all are male) so M1,M2,M3,M4

M1: simply he was observed me.
1Q: Mr. Ramesh where are you from?
2Q: where you belong to exact?
3Q: what is your highest qualification?
4Q: when do you have completed your
5Q: what you doing all these days after ur
6Q: what is your father?
7Q: how many siblings you have?
8Q: what are they?
9Q: what is central bank of India and its functions?
10Q: with which commission and act it (RBI) was established?
Then he gave chance to ask M3
1Q: what are the functions of RBI?
2Q: what is monetary and fiscal policy?
3Q: what are T-Bills?
4Q: what is balance sheet?
5Q: what is ASSOCHAM ?
6Q: what is Asset and Liability of a Bank?
7Q: Monetary instruments?
8Q: What is FICCI?
Then he gave chance to ask M4
1Q: what is the difference between public sector and private sector banks?
2Q: what is the motto of nationalization of banks?
3Q: how many banks were nationalized in phase 1?
4Q: when was First nationalization?
5Q: when was 2nd nationalization and how many banks?
6Q: If you are a manager in bank how you manage?
7Q: What are leadership qualities?
8Q: Are you willing to work anywhere in India?
Then M3 entered and asked
1Q: Do you work in simla ?
2Q: do you know Hindi?
3Q: If you get a chance to join in banks which bank you’ll prefer?
I said PNB
4Q: Why PNB and how many branches are there in India?
Again M1 take the chance and asked
1Q: Who made highest centuries against all countries?
2Q: Who made centuries in all format of cricket from India?
3Q: what is your score in this exam?

Then they said ok All the Best and you can go now. then I said thanks sirs and have a nice day sirs.
That took around 20minuts to complete. All The Best :)

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  1. Ibps po 2interview share:
    There was 3 member in penal
    M2 : be relexed n sit comfortably dear
    M1: can u speak in english?
    So tell us abt your self ,ur qualification,ur family,ur hobbies,ur strenth n weakness n expirence if any..
    M1: ur woking in pnb wht is the mission n vision of pnb?
    Q2 :In which branch ur working n total business of branch &net profits of branch ?
    Q3: what are the Impacts of Import duty on banking sector?
    Q4: what is ur dob & is ur dob written on votercard ?
    Q5:what is debt equity ratio why we calculate ?

    Q1: RTGS & NEFT timings?
    Q2: Two adjoing cities of tapti rivers ?
    Q3: Country in which most of people read news papers ?
    Q4 : cash retention limit of a branch ?
    Q5: what is DSCR ?

    It was around 20 min interview.....

    1. Thank you so much for the update friend. If possible please mail us at "" we will update it...

      All the Best

  2. Hey Ramesh, IBPS PO vacancies were released.Total 23,453 vacancies
    All the best.


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