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December 07, 2012

English Model Practice Questions for IBPS clekrs


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Friends, have a look at the below passage.  In this there are 10 blanks, each blank has been nubmbered (1 to 10). These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
Camilla was a very greedy, gluttonous little girl. She ...(1)... had any friends because she thought it was much more fun to spend her time alone, eating cake and pudding. Her parents were ...(2)...; so they took all the sweet food in the house and hid it.

So Camilla left the house, desperately ...(3)... for something sweet to eat. On she went, until she ended up in small abandoned hut full of old pots and glasses of all shapes and sizes. Out of all of them, the one that most ...(4)... Camilla's attention was a shiny little bottle made of good-coloured glass. It ...(5)... to be full of chocolate, and Camilla took a quick swig. It was delicious, but she felt a strange tickling sensation, so she read the label. "Glass Tears", it said, and in small print it explained : “Magically converts tears into chocolate.”

Wow, was Camilla excited! She ran everywhere looking for ...(6)... who was crying, and she came upon a little girl who was weeping disconsolately. Sure enough, her tears were converted into chocolate, and as they ran down her cheeks, to her mouth, they sweetened her lips. That soon ...(7)... her crying. Camilla and the girl spent a fun time together, tasting the delicious tears, and they parted as friends. Something similar ...(8)... with a woman who had dropped son1e plates, and with an old man who couldn't find his walking stick. The appearance of Camilla and the chocolate tears ...(9)... up those sad faces, helping them smile once again. Soon Camilla ...(10)... that, cheering people up was much more valuable even than chocolate. Her mad search for sweet food stopped, and her search became one for sad people who she could try to help. From those sweet encounters came a mountain of friends that filled her life with meaning and happiness.

1. (A) always

(B) didn't

(C) not
(D) hardly
(E) bare

2. (A) busy
(B) worried
(C) hungry
(D) feared
(E) happy

3. (A) looking
(B) cooking
(C) asking
(D) see
(E) cry

4. (A) saw
(B) glanced
(C) caught
(D) wanted
(E) call

5. (A) tried
(B) opened
(C) was
(D) seemed
(E) contained

6. (A) someone
(B) people
(C) body
(D) something
(E) any

7. (A) made
(B) gauged
(C) stopped
(D) cease
(E) wasted

8. (A) event
(B) incident
(C) occur
(D) placed
(E) happened

9. (A) closed
(B) broke
(C) light
(D) went
(E) cheered

10. (A) asked
(B) realised
(C) smiled
(D) understands
(E) expected

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English Model Practice Questions for bank exams


  1. Sweet and Simple.. liked it :)

  2. A really cute fable :) Was this taken from a children's story book? Lol! I enjoyed doing it very much :)

  3. nyc one!! :) n easy as well.. :P

  4. Nice Story, and helped in practice, I got 9 correct. So, Overall 8.75. :/

  5. pls upload more papers mam


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