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October 03, 2012

June Month Expected General Awareness Questions for SBI - Set 1

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Expected Current Affairs Practice Questions for SBI Associates Clerks Exam 2012

Rio+20 summit held in Rio de Janeiro of which country?

The heads of how many states attended the Rio+20 Summit?

Neeraj Kumar, the 1976-batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, was appointed as the new Commissioner of which organization?

Afghanistan and which country on 27 June 2012 finalized the draft of the strategic partnership agreement between the two countries?

India’s Fiscal Deficit for April-May Period stood at ?

Which Government has decided to develop Rural Water Policy on 27 June 2012?

US Federal Court absolved Union Carbide Corporation in  which case?

A well known anthropologist and social scientist passed away on 26 June 2012. Who is he?

Mr Rao Papineni got the approval for patent Application for cancer treatment on 19 June 2012. Who is he?

The international day against drug abuse and prohibited trafficking was observed all over the world on ?

India emerged as the Largest Trading Partner of to which country in the First Quarter of 2012-13?

Seventh G20 Summit held in Los Cabos, Mexico . What is the main Aim of this summit?

Name the Market regulator on which made it mandatory for top 500 listed companies to hold e-voting with an objective to widen shareholder participation in key decisions 26 June 2012 ?

Name the FJP Leader  who won the Egyptian Presidential Election 2012?

RBI hiked Foreign Investment Limit in Government Bonds by how much?

Name the Pakistani Player banned by England and Wales Cricket Board on 21 June 2012?

The Union Ministry of Defence (MoD) on 22 June 2012 approved defence proposals worth over how many crore rupees?

Name the former Indian ambassador to US who passed away at the age of 85 in London on 21 June 2012?

A joint team of Indian railways and which educations institution have developed the real-time train running information system?

Name the senior Pakistan People’s Party leader, was appointed the 17th Prime Minister of Pakistan on 22 June 2012?

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 Expected Practice Questions for SBI Clerks 2012 Exam  

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