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October 03, 2012

July Month Expected Questions for SBI Associate Clerks Exam - Set 1

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Expected General Awareness Questions for SBI Associates Clerical Exam

July Month's Expected Questions - Set 1

RBI left the Repo Rate unchanged in Quarterly Monetary Policy Review. So present Repo Rate is?

In July RBI signed a MoU with Financial Regulators of 9 Countries to promote ?

Indian Scientist Ashoke Sen was honoured with a prize on 31 July 2012. Which medal it is?

Name the first state to commence e-payment facility for government employees?

How much amount did the union government announced as a financial assistance under various schemes for the rain deficient states?

The Sahara Group acquired landmark Plaza Hotel of New York on 30 July 2012 . This deal worth of ?

Name the space craft in which sumitha willians took aoff for the International space station recently?

Who is the foreign secretary of pakistan at present ?

What is the name of the Islands offered by Mauritius to India , preserve tax treaty ?

Recently in July U.S cut its Military aid to which country ?

Foreign direct Investment flows into India in 2011 is ?

India witnessed its biggest ever power blackout on ?

India’s exports in June slipped by what per cent in June 2012?

Who is the new Finance Minister of India?

Hockey India on 30 July 2012 signed a multi-year broadcast agreement with leading sports broadcaster. Name it?

The physicists worldwide were given the Fundamental Physics Prize on 31 July 2012. How many physicists received this award?

Pakistan and US on 31 July 2012 signed an agreement. What is the purpose of this agreement?

Cyprus’s main Theme for its EU precidency is ?

The Mexican Government declared a national animal heath emergency on 2nd July in the face of aggressive ____?

U.S & China pledged to ease strains in their relationship renewed disputes over ?

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  1. really study material is good. I read current affair for July month but please tell me how can i download that......


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