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October 03, 2012

Expected General Awareness Questions for SBI - July Month - Set 3


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Expected Current Affairs Questions for SBI Associates Clerks - July Month - Set 3

Summer Olympic games 2012 inaugurated at Olympic Stadium at the Olympic Park in East London on? 

In July The World Bank approved loan for Himachal Pradesh to promote the green initiatives and sustainable development in the state. How much does the world bank going to give Himachal Pradesh?

Name the Famous Cricketer who  signed as the Brand Ambassador of BMW on 27 July 2012?

The Supreme Court of India on 26 July 2012 modified one of its order on welfare and rehabilitation of whom?

Appointment Committee of the Cabinet(ACC) appointed whom as the new Secretary of the President on 24 July 2012?

Name the Indian Social Activist who Won Magsaysay Award 2012?

Which state has represented the highest no:of suicides According to ” accidental deaths & Suicides in India 2011″?

The Government of Which state banned Gutka and Pan Masala on 24 July 2012?

Which organization Reporte on 18 July 2012 that new HIV infections among children are declining at a steady rate?

Top Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Ideologue and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader died in Mumbai on 17 July 2012. Who is he?

Name the second competitive city in our country according to International think tank report on 11 July 2012? 

How many central universities are there in India ?

which associationa was ban was extended by Government of india due to anti – India posture ?

Which type of license in Karnataka indicates donation of organs ?

India's retail inflation slowed to what percent in June 2012?

Which scheme was implemented by Madhya Pradesh according to delivery Monitoring unit?

According to Goa scheme ‘Ladli Lakshmi’ the women can avail of Rs.1Lakh to meet ?

Who is  the new CM of Karanataka ?

Orissa chief Minister Naveen patnaik on 13 July 2012 announced increase in the representation of woment in Urban local bodies (ULBs) from 3 percent to ______?

India and which country have signed an agreement on Bilateral Security Cooperation on 14 July 2012?

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Current Affairs Expected Questions for SBI 


  1. is this the new one
    CM of Karnataka is Siddha rammayaa know
    but why you uploaded as jagadish shettar

    1. We have designed these questions for SBI Associates Clerical exam which was held in October 2012 friend.


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