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September 17, 2012

Non Verbal Reasoning for Bank Exams


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Study Material for Non Verbal Reasoning

Here is the good news for the people who have been searching for the Material on Non Verbal Reasoning. People have been asking us to upload some material on Non Verbal reasoning, but being lazy bugs we keep on saying "by the next week". But 4 days ago we came to know that there is no proper source to learn non verbal reasoning in internet. So we made this Non Verbal Reasoning Complete Reference Guide of 28 pages. You can download this to your computers and practice when ever you are free. We hope this book will useful for you with its basic types of the non verbal reasoning questions which you will face in the Competitive Exams, important shortcut rules to solve the problems on the series of Non Verbal reasoning problems and with plenty of problem figures and answers figures with explanations. Good Day and Happy Reading :)

Non Verbal Reasoning Material free download Link

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non verbal reasoning material free download for bank exams


  1. some tricks for non verbal reasoning figures.
    If 1=2, 3=4, then 5=6
    If 1=3=4, 2=4=6.
    Good Luck.

  2. sagar ;thanks for uploading non verbal notes....

  3. Hey Admin. Why all this books u have uploaded are not free. That's a very negative aspect,we dont have credit card + net banking is nota t all safe now a days

    1. All the materials of this blog are free Mayukh. No need to pay anything to anybody . Scribd has became notorious now a days. Try downloading the media fire link. Let me know if you still face the problem :)

      Good Day.

    2. Go through the site exactly and conciously Mayukh gupta gaaru... where is payment option....?

  4. Its getting downloaded. Tried the media fire one. Thank you very much :)

  5. thank you so much...ur material is very much useful for preparing for the Bank exams......u are doing a nice work friends....

  6. Hey admin !!......can u prvd a pdf version of seating arrngnmnt & ip & 0p ques if yes then plzz send me at
    & thanks a lot ..........ur matter is ..........very very ...........good...........better ...........& last bt nt least best one

  7. pdf for non verbal reasoning is very good and i find little difficulty in understanding those problems can you explain? problem no. is 1,2,4

  8. download not working admin??..plz check

  9. plz provide me some tips to solve inequality problems thy r very confusing ???????


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