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July 05, 2012

Too and Enough

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In Today’s post we shall discuss about the usage of  Too and enough

  • These two indicate degree. 
  • They are used with adjectives.
Too  : The meaning of Too is “more than what is needed”.

Enough : The meaning of Enough is “sufficient”.

Have a look at some examples so that you can understand the usage of Too and Enough.

  • He is too old to dance with those students. 
  • She is intelligent enough to get a good score in IBPS.
  • You're not writing  fast enough.
  • I don't have enough money
  • He has too many girl friends.
  • Uma  has got too much patience

Now lets see some important points you should keep in mind while using Too

  • Too comes before adjectives and adverbs :
    • It's too hot to wear that coat. 
    • I was walking  too fast.
  • Too may also come before nouns when it is used with the expressions too much and too many.
    • Too much is used before uncountable nouns.
      • There is too much salt in this food.
      • Too many is used before countable nouns
      • There are too many students in this classroom.

 Now lets see some important points you should keep in mind while using Enough.
  • Enough precedes adjectives and adverbs :
    • He isn't young enough to dance with those students. 
    • We're not walking quickly enough.
  • Enough may also precedes nouns :
    • We have enough money 
    • I have not got enough money to pay the exam fees.
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