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June 03, 2012

World Bank Recruits Communication Associates

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Good News for Experienced professionals in Social Communications, Journalism, International Relations/Public Affairs, Marketing, Political Science, or other related field... World Bank is inviting applications from you people for filling up the vacancies of Communication Associates in New Delhi.  The role of the selected candidate is to plan Bank’s overall external relations strategy. He/She should also support the World Bank to attain it's objective in India. The successful candidate will become a part of the Delhi Ext team and should help the Bank improve its engagement with the Delhi Media.

Eligibility Criteria :
  • The candidate should have a minimum 7 years of experience in Social communications or Journalism. 
  • He/She should have a compulsory 4 years experience in developmental programs involving civil society organizations.

Check the remaining details Here. Click on the Apply button to apply online.

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