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April 26, 2012

Banking Abbreviations


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Here are some Abbreviations which are useful for Banking Exams.
  • ADB    -----------------------    Asian Development Bank 
  • ADR    -----------------------   American Deposit Reciepts
  • AML   -----------------------    Anti Money Laundering
  • ANBC     -----------------------    Adjusted Net Bank Credit
  • ATM     -----------------------    Automated Teller Machine
  • BCSBI     -----------------------    Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
  • BPLR     -----------------------    Bench Mark Prime Lending Rate
  • CAR     -----------------------    Capital Adequacy Ratio
  • CBLO     -----------------------    Collatarised Borrowing and Lending Obligations
  • CBS     -----------------------    Core Banking Solutions (Centralized Banking Solutions)
  • CD     -----------------------    Certificate of Deposit
  • CD Ratio      -----------------------     Credit Deposit Ratio
  • CDR     -----------------------    Corporate Debt Restructuring
  • CIBIL     -----------------------    Credit Information Bureau of India Limited
  • CCIL     -----------------------    Clearing Corporation of India Limited
  • COPRA     -----------------------    Consumer Protection Act
  • CP     -----------------------    Commercial Paper
  • CRAR     -----------------------    Capital to Risk Weighed Assets Ratio
  • CRR     -----------------------    Cash Reserve Ratio
  • DGFT     -----------------------    Director General of Foreign Trade
  • DICGC     -----------------------    Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
  • DRI     -----------------------    Differential Rate of Interest
  • DRT     -----------------------    Debt Recovery Tribunal
  • DSCR     -----------------------    Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • ECGC     -----------------------    Exports Credit Guarantee Corporation
  • ECS     -----------------------    Electronic Clearing Service
  • EEFC     -----------------------    Exchange Earner's Foreign Currency Account
  • EFT     -----------------------    Electronic Fund Transfer
  • EPF     -----------------------    Employee Provident Fund
  • EXIM Bank      -----------------------     Exports and Imports Bank of India
  • FCNR     -----------------------    Foreign Currency Non-Resident Account
  • FEMA     -----------------------    Foreign Exchange Management Act
  • GCC     -----------------------    General Credit Card
  • GDR     -----------------------    Global Depository Receipts
  • IBA     -----------------------    Indian Banks Association
  • IDRBT     -----------------------    Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology 
  • IMF     -----------------------    International Monetary Fund
  • IRAC Norms      -----------------------    Income Recognition and Assets Classification Norms
  • KCC     -----------------------    Kisan Credit Card
  • KYC     -----------------------    Know Your Customer

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  1. This is very informative. There are some abbreviations that I really don't know the meaning. Great blog.

  2. it is really nice blog and help me a lot for preparing for an exam.. thank you for sharing this with us..:)

    1. which exam you have given so far ?

  3. please upload important days... thanx

  4. hi, mam, after changing to, i checked most of the links are not opening for eg in banking awareness>RBI and banking awareness>functions of commercial bank...and many more.....please check as the links are previously in your old website i.e
    ....this is our crucial time of preparation for IBPS clerk.

    1. Well, first of all thank you so much for making this thing to our consideration friend. As we migrated to a new name, it will take some time for our new server to cope with all the old posts. You can get all the posts as usual by tomorrow. Plz do let us know if you still face any problem.

  5. DSCR-( Debt Service Coverage Ratio) is correct.

  6. DSCR-( Debt Service Coverage Ratio ) is correct ans...

    1. Sorry Ankit. Its a typing mistake. Corrected it now :)

  7. really helpfull mam...

  8. DGFT: Directorate* General of Foreign Trade


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