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February 23, 2012

Data Base Users and Administrator - IBPS IT Officers Special


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Depeending on their degree of expertise or the mode of their interactions with the DBMS, The Data Base users (people who uses database) can be classified into several groups. 
They are,

  • Naive Users
  • Online Users
  • Application Users
  • Sophisticated Users
  • Specialized Users
Naive Users : Naive means Lacking Experience, these are the users who need not be aware of the presence of the Data Base System. Example of these type of users is The user of an ATM machine. Because these users only responds to the instructions displayed on the screen (enter your pin number, click here, enter the required money etc). Obviously operations performed by these users are very limited. 

Online Users : These are the users who may communicate with the Data Base directly via an online terminal or indirectly via a user interface and application program. These users are aware of the presence of the Data Base System and may have acquired a certain amount of expertise within the limited interaction they are permitted with a Data Base.

Application Programmers : Professional / Application programmers are those who are responsible for developing application programs or user interface. The application programs could be written in a general-purpose programming language or the commands available to manipulate a database. 

Sophisticated Users : Simply we can say that these are the EXPERIENCED users. These people interact with the system without writing programs. Instead they from their requests in a database query language. They submit each such query to a query processor, whose function is to break down DML (Data Manipulation Language, the language which is used to MAINTAIN the data. we shall discuss about this later) statements into instructions that the storage manager understands. Analysts who submit queries to explore data in the Data Base fall in this category. 

Specialized Users : These are the sophisticated users who write specialized database applications that do not fit into the traditional data-processing framework. Among these applications are computer - aided design systems, knowledge-based and expert systems, systems that store data with complex data types (Ex, Graphics Data and Audio Data) and environment-modeling systems.

DBA (Data Base Administrator) : The person who controls both Data and the Programs that access that data in the Data Base is called the Data Base Administrator (DBA).

Functions of the DBA are,
  • Defining Schemas (arrangement of Data)
  • Creating Storage Structure and Access Methods ( I mean how to store data and access that)
  • Modifying the storage Data
  • Granting Authorization Permissions
  • Specifying the CONDITIONS of the data storage
  • Periodically Updating the Data Base etc.,

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