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July 30, 2015

Ambitious Success - Varsha reddy

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Hai name is Varsha reddy. I am a silent refer of Gr8ambitionz.

My life is full of twists.....

I completed my engineering in 2014 at Kadapa.. I can't leave my dearest friend Deepa...who is a junior to me. to be near her..i joined in a banking institute in Kadapa itself..from there I started writing exams.. I got selected in IBPS.. but interview was gone.. 2015 came... I wrote SBH Clerk...attempted 187..and was very confident.. and I got selected in that..

But in my interview, they asked me only about my hobby is watching cricket... I answered 85% questions..but I lost my friend Deepa completed her B.Tech.. now I and she came to Hyderabad.. and I joined in a private company and she is doing her java course..i am happy..because
my friend is there..but m in so much confusion... about my future... I went to Bahubali movie on 12th night...on 13th I just joked that sbh result came..and I was not friend was so much dis appointed.

But the result really came in that of my classmates told me to check her result.. I checked her result first.. she was not qualified.. then tension began in me.. Because this is the last hope for me.. but finally I got selected......hurrayyy...

I don't like giving messages... but remember one thing.. Don't be disappointed.. because.. Life will go on.....good luck to all....thank u gr8.. u gave me an opportunity to share it. I am waiting for the call letter now.  please update the process that how they will give us the call letters and approximately when??? Cheer up guys.. thanks to ambitions...

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