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April 02, 2013

Article on Sources of Indian Constitution

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Friends, in this small article we are going to discuss the sources. of Indian Constitution Our constitution adopted and adapted best features of many constitutions of the world. Though many criticized it as a borrowed constitution, Dr. B R Ambedkar described it as a beautiful patch work and proudly announced that it’s been made by ransacking all the known constitutions of the world. Here is a detailed list  of sources of Indian Constitution. This list helps you to know which provision derived by which constitution and will help you getting a detailed idea about our constitution. We are posting this list by keeping SSC CGL aspirants in mind. But it will helpful to all... Happy Reading :)

·         Parliamentary form of government
·         Rule of law
·         Legislative procedure
·         Writs
·         Cabinet system etc.
GOI Act 1935
·         Federal scheme
·         Public service commissions
·         Emergency provisions
·         Judiciary
·         Office of Governor etc.
·         Fundamental rights
·         Impeachment of President
·         Removal of judges
·         Judicial review
·         Independent judiciary
·         Office of vice president
·         Directive Principles of  State Policy(DPSP)
·         Method of election of President
·         Nomination of members to RajyaSabha
·         Federation with strong centre
·         Vesting residuary powers with centre
·         Appointment of Governor by the centre
·         Advisory jurisdiction of Supreme Court
·         Single citizenship
·         Concurrent list
·         Joint sitting of two houses of Parliament
(Now Russia)
·         Fundamental Duties (added with 42nd amendment in 1976)
·         Ideal of Justice (Social, Political and Economic) in the preamble
Weimer Constitution
·         Suspension of fundamental rights during emergancy
French constitution
·         Republic
·         Idea of liberty, equality and fraternity in preamble
South Africa
·         Procedure of amendment to the constitution
·         Election of members of RajyaSabha
·         Procedure established by law

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