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June 29, 2012

Syllogism Shortcuts for Bank Exams - Pdf Download

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The syllogism is another easiest and promising topic for almost all competitive exams (especially bank exams). With little practice and concentration, you can easily score five out of five marks in this topic. The syllogism is nothing but a logical argument, which is composed of three parts. 
Those are 
  1. The major premise (All birds are animals).
  2. The minor premise (All parrots are birds).
  3. The conclusion (All parrots are animals) inferred from the premises. 
In your exams they will give you several statements and conclusions and you have to say which conclusion will follow according to the statements given. Hope the below pdf file will help you in understanding the Syllogisms concept clearly.

Download Syllogism Shortnotes  Pdf file from Here

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Syllogism Shortcuts for Bank Exams

Syllogism Shortcuts for Bank Exams

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