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June 21, 2012

Subdivided / Component Bar Diagrams

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The Sub Divided / Component bar diagrams are used to represent data in which the total magnitude (bar) is divided into different parts or components. In these type of diagrams, first they make simple bars for each class taking total magnitude in that class and then divide these simple bars into parts in the ratio of various components. With an example we shall try to understand the Concept. 

Assume that you have to give the data of the production of vehicles of 3 companies (name them P, Q and R) over the years 1994 to 2000. 

The questions will be like this. What is the difference between the production of Q in the years 1997 and 1999 ? (followed by some options)

Sol :

The Production of Q in  1997 is (40 -17.5) = 22.5 thousand.

The Production of Q in 1999 is (32.5-12.5) = 20 thousand.

The Difference = 22500 - 20000 = 2500 

So, the answer is 2500. 
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