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August 26, 2016

Common Errors in English Usage with Explanations - Part 66

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  • I have no any friends. (wrong)
  • I have no friends.  (correct)
    • Explanation : As 'no' means 'not any', we cannot use 'no any'. 
  • Both men have not come. (wrong)
  • Neither man has come.  (correct)
    • Explanation : When both is negated, it becomes neither. 
  • Open your book at six page. (wrong)
  • Open your book at page six.  (correct)
    • Explanation : A cardinal number (e.g. six) will always follow the noun (e.g., page) whereas an ordinal number (e.g. sixth) will always precede it (e.g. sixth page).
  • He is elder than I. (wrong)
  • He is older than I.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Though elder means older, it is used only when comparing two related people. 
  • He is more better than I. (wrong)
  • He is better than I.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Better itself in the comparative form for good. 
  • He is worst than I. (wrong)
  • He is worse than I.  (correct)
    • Explanation : 'Worst' is a superlative adjective for 'bad'. It cannot be used in a sentence where comparison is made between two people. 

General & Banking Awareness Expected Questions for IBPS PO VI & Clerks VI Exams

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    1. ICICI bank is aiming to facilitate 30 lakh transactions through its inter-operable electronic toll collection facility on national high-ways by March 2017. It introduced ETC, which enables vehicles to pay highway tolls electronically without stopping at toll plazas In this context, ETC means ______________
      1. Entity Toll Collection
      2. End Toll Collection
      3. Electronic Total Collection
      4. Electronic Toll Collection
      5. Electronic Toll Consortium 
    2. For making an electronic payment at toll booths, a prepaid RFID tag, known as FASTag will be affixed on the windscreen of a vehicle as declared by ICICI bank. In this context, RFID stands for  ______________
      1. Radio Frequency Identification Device
      2. Radio Front Identification Device
      3. Rapid Frequency Identification Device
      4. Radio Frequency Idea Device
      5. Real Frequency Identification Device

    RBI Grade B Officers Phase I Online Exam Call Letters out

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    Friends, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has activated the Call Letters for it's RBI Grade B Phase I Online Exam. The exam will be held from 4th September 2016. You can download your call letters from 25th August 2016 to 4th September 2016. Check complete details below. All the Best :)

    UIICL AO 2016 Interview Experience (Generalist)

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    Disqus id - Unique

    Qualification- B. Ttech in ECE

    Date of Interview - 18/08/16

    Venue - Hotel The Peerless Inn, near Esplanade metro rly st., Kolkata

    Reporting time - 9.00 AM

    My interview started at around 1:40 pm and went on for 12-15 minutes. I was the last one in the list in my batch.
    In each batch 20 candidates were there( morning n afternoon).
    There were 4  members; 3 males and 1  Female(strict),  the panel was good as they laughed in some of my answers in between...

    M2- Tell me about yourself.
    Me - I m A( my name). I belong to Bhubaneswar. I have completed my btech in electronics and communication engg from B(clg name) in 2014.

    August 25, 2016

    Important Details you should know about 2016 Summer Rio Olympics (Highlights)

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    Hi friends.. I am Sarath Chandra Reddy. Rio Olympics completed.. So here I am sharing important details of Olympics.. Happy Readings :)

    2016 Summer Rio Olympics
    • Held During : 5th  to 21st August 2016
    • IOC president : Thomas Bach
    • It is 31st Modern Olympics
    • 2016 Rio Olympic cauldron was lit by : Vanderlei de Lima
    • Venue : Rio de Janerio(Brazil)
      • Brazil capital : Brasília
      • Brazil currency : Brazilian real
    • Opening cermony Stadium : Maracanã Stadium
    • Closing cermony Stadium : Maracanã Stadium

    August 24, 2016

    Common Errors in English Usage with Explanations - Part 65

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    • Everyone is frightened when they see a tiger.  (wrong)
    • Everyone is frightened when he sees a tiger.  (correct)
      • Explanation : 'Every' is a singular word, which when attached to a singular man like 'one' refers to all individual members of a group. So, it will take a singular pronoun. 
    • None of us have seen him. (wrong)
    • None of us has seen him.  (correct)
      • Explanation : 'None' is a singular word, therefore it will take a singular verb. 
    • My books are better than my friend.  (wrong)
    • My books are better than those of my friend.  (correct)
      • Explanation : When comparing two things in a sentence, use 'that of', 'these of', 'those of'. 
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