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July 23, 2019

Meet the new Prime Minister of UK - Boris Johnson

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A former Mayor of London and British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson today elected as the leader of Britain's governing Conservative Party and also won the contest to be the New Prime Minister of United Kingdom (UK). Tomorrow, he is going to replace present Prime Miniser Theresa May, who stepped down over her failure to get parliament to ratify her Brexit deal.

He defeated Jeremy Hunt, his successor as foreign secretary, in the battle for the leadership of Britain’s governing Conservative Party, winning 66 percent of the postal vote held among its membership. Johnson took 92,153 votes, while rival Jeremy Hunt scored 46,656 votes in a ballot of party members. Turnout was 87.4%. Johnson has in the past served as UK foreign minister and London's Mayor.

Johnson would take office at one of the most critical moments in Britain’s recent history, immediately facing the toughest challenge of his career, to manage his nation’s exit from the European Union in little more than three months.

"Today the campaign is over and the work begins," the 55 years old said in a speech immediately after the results were announced today.

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