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August 12, 2018

August 2018 : GK & Current Affairs Quiz - Set 5

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China has launched a new generation supercomputer prototype that can execute a quintillion (a thousand raised to the power of six) calculations per second. Name it ?

In a bid to end the taxi issue in Goa, the state government has launched its own app-based taxi service. Name it ?

Name the first company to be given the certification to manufacture and personalise RuPay chip contact and contactless cards on the qSPARC v2 platform ?

For the first time in the event's history, Facial recognition software is set to be used at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Name the host city of these games ?

The 3rd India-Nepal Coordination meeting was recently held at which Indian city ?

Which state topped the States’ Energy Efficiency Preparedness Index (SEEPI) released by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and NITI Aayog ?

What is the motto of 2020 Summer Olympics ?

In an attempt to help students "befriend" the English language, which state government has recently launched the 'I am not afraid of English' campaign in primary schools in the state ?

International Cat Day is observed on ?

What is the capital city of Australia ?

Google recently announced the name for the latest version of it's Android operating system, succeeding Android Oreo. What is it ?

The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have cleared a bill which proposes death penalty for the rape of girls below the age of 12 years. Name it ?

Who has been recently appoited as the Managing Director (MD) of Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd. (DFCCIL) ?

Which team won the 14th edition of Women's Hockey World Cup 2018 ?

Which state government has launched a first of its kind, Rs.5 lakh insurance programme for farmers in the state titled RythuBandhu Life Insurance Bonds ?

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