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March 21, 2018

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - 21st March 2018

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 21st March 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "A non-BJP, non-Congress coalition: Back to Front ?"
  • Coalition - a temporary union of different political parties that agree to form a government together
  • Destined for - intended for a particular purpose or person
  • Concede - to admit, often unwillingly, that something is true
  • Dominance - a situation in which one person or thing has more influence or power than any other
  • Moot - to suggest something as a subject for discussion
  • Federal - a federal government or system is one in which individual states make their own laws
  • Alliance - an arrangement between two or more people, groups, or countries by which they agree to work together to achieve something
  • Like-minded - like-minded people, groups etc have similar tastes, interests, and opinions
  • Resonance - an emotional effect produced by something that reminds you of something else
  • Instance - an example of something happening
  • Survive - to continue to exist, especially in a difficult or dangerous situation
  • At the mercy of - in a situation that is controlled by someone or something with the power to harm you
  • Prop up - to help a government, system, organization etc to continue to exist, especially by providing financial or military support
  • Confabulation - a disturbance of memory
  • Vote bank - a large group of voters from a single community who always support a particular party or candidate in elections
  • Antipathy - a strong feeling of not liking someone or something
  • Rival - a person, team, or business that competes with another
  • Potential - possible or likely in the future
  • Threat - a situation or an activity that could cause harm or danger
  • Irrelevant - not important or not relevant to what you are discussing or doing
  • Pretence - a way of behaving that does not honestly express your real feelings, thoughts, or intentions
  • Non-committal - not saying what you think or what you plan to do
  • Hastily - done in a hurry because you do not have much time
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Accord under strain — on Columbia peace pact"
  • Accord - a formal agreement between countries or groups
  • Pact - an agreement between two or more people or organizations in which they promise to do something
  • Truce - an agreement between two people or groups involved in a war, fight, or disagreement to stop it for a period of time
  • Fragile - easy to break or damage
  • Civil war - a war fought between different groups of people within the same country
  • Stiff - more severe or difficult than usual
  • Armed Forces - a country’s army, navy, and air force
  • To someone’s credit - used about things that someone has done or achieved
  • Bits and pieces - a small piece of something
  • Unremitting - continuing for a long time without stopping or ever getting better
  • Hostility - opposition to something
  • Radical Change - a radical change or way of doing something is new and very different from the usual way
  • Conservative - not willing to accept much change, especially in the traditional values of society
  • Respectively - used for saying that something happens separately to each of the people or things mentioned in the order in which they were mentioned
  • Muster - to try to produce as much of a feeling such as enthusiasm or determination as you can
  • Undeniable - certainly correct or true
  • Thanks to - used for saying that someone or something is responsible for something that happened
  • Patchy - happening or existing in some places but not in other places
  • Stride - an important positive development
  • Demilitarisation - reduction of state armed forces
  • Disband - if a group of people disbands or is disbanded, its members stop working together
  • Legitimate - allowed by the law, or correct according to the law
  • Aspect - a particular part, feature, or quality of something
  • Mainstream - to make ideas, methods, or people become accepted by most people
  • Sympathetic - kind to someone who has a problem and willing to understand how they feel
  • Activist - someone who takes part in activities that are intended to achieve political or social change
  • Mining - the process of getting coal or metal from under the ground
  • Assassinate - to kill a famous or important person, especially for political reasons or for payment
  • Militia - a group of ordinary people who are trained as soldiers to fight in an emergency
  • Insurgent - someone who belongs to a group of people fighting to take control of their country by force
  • Reprisal - something unpleasant that is done to punish an enemy or opponent because of something bad that they have done to you
  • Sceptical - doubting that something is true or useful
  • Urban - relating to towns and cities, or happening there
  • Rural - relating to the countryside, or in the countryside
  • Undone - not finished
  • Dispiriting - making you lose the hope, enthusiasm, or interest you had earlier

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