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February 08, 2018

SBI Clerks 2018 Preparation : All your Questions & Doubts Answered

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Hello everyone, I am Aparna. I already shared my Success Story and Suggested Books for SBI Clerks 2018 preparation. Today I would like to clear the doubts of new aspirants who are going to appear for the SBI Clerks exam for the first time. Here I tried to clear almost all basic doubts regarding preparation. If you have any additional doubts, you can use the comments section to ask. I will answer them as soon as possible. Let's start with the foremost and important question. Why SBI ?

Questions about SBI Clerks 2018 Preparation - Answered

Why should I join in SBI as Clerk ?
As per me, I have 3 major reasons to join SBI. They are :
  • Reputation : The State Bank of India (SBI) is India's largest bank and one among the top 100 banks of the world. Almost every person in India knows about this bank. So being an SBI employee will gain you good reputation and respect. So obviously good dowry package. Guys, are you listening ???? (kidding).
  • Salary : Unlike other public sector banks under IBPS, SBI has it's own salary structure and you will get higher salary when compared to other banks.
  • Local Posting : After merger with it's 5 associates, the SBI has around 24k branches across India. So obviously you can get posting near yoru home town.
Okay. Now that I have convinced you to join SBI, now let's see the notification once.

Major updates / changes in SBI Clerks 2018 Notification

The two Phase online exam is same as that of SBI Clerks 2016 notification. There were no changes in the subjects, total number of questions and the duration of exam. BUT for the first time in SBI, the time for preliminary exam has been divided into 2 parts (20 minutes each). That means, when I appeared for the SBI Clerks 2016 preliminary exam, there was a composite time of 60 minutes for all 3 sections. I had the chance to skip to any section from any section during the given time. I could answer 2 questions from Numerical Ability and switch to Reasoning or English language test and again come back to the previous section to answer the remaining questions. But now, you don't have that chance. If you complete answering all the questions in 20 minutes time. Then only you can move to next section. So now you don't have the chance to spend less time in easiest section and spend the remaining time in harder sections.

Time Duration : Now you will have to complete the 35 + 35 questions each in Numerical Ability and Reasoning sections in 20 +20 40 minutes. That means you will have to solve each question in 34 seconds time.

We have only 45 days to 2 Months time. Can I clear SBI Clerk 2018 if I start my preparation now ?
It hardly will take one month for a normal student to learn and practice all the topics for bank exams. 10 more days for solving previous papers and practice tests. So in my opinion 45 days duration is more than enough.

I am a non-math student. Is it possible for me to clear SBI Clerks 2018 ?
The open secret is, the difficulty level of banking exams is of 10th standard. Even a 10th class student can solve the banking exam paper if given enough time. The minimum qualification for SBI Clerk 2016 is graduation. So if you are applying for this job, then obviously you are 3 stages ahead of a 10th class student. Even for math students also they won't teach many of these topics from plus two. So all degrees are same for banking exam. So, candidates form non-math background including arts, commerce, pharmacy etc also can easily clear the exam get into your dream job with some practice.

I am a local (Hindi / Telugu / Tamil / Kannada etc) medium student. Can I compete with English medium students in this exam ?
As the questions will be in bilingual (English & Hindi), it won't make any difference for Hindi Medium students. But, for the other students (especially South Indians) you need to prepare in English only. As you learnt many of the basic topics in your local language, it will be little difficult for you to work with them in English. First of all, you need to learn the equivalent words in English. Repeat the English words while practicing. For 2 to 3 days, you will face difficult, but later you can easily cope with the English language.

On which subject should I focus more ?
As there are individual cutoffs, you need to take all 3 subjects seriously. If you are really good in any of the subject, then you can spend more time on other subjects. But my advice is, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ANY SUBJECT.

How much time should I allot for my preparation ?
As they say, Quality is more important than quantity. So if you are serious at reading, then 6 hours time (2 hours per each subject) is enough for your preparation. You can allot more time according to your convenience.

As I told earlier, I tried my best to answer all the basic and important questions and doubts. If you hae any more doubts, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. I will answer them asap and will update them here, so that it will be helpful for others. Also I am working on a study plan for SBI Clerks 2018 prelims. Hopefully I will share it in two days.

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