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February 11, 2018

Need your Suggestions on SBI Clerks 2018 Study Materials & Study Plan

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Hello Friends, I am Aparna. I already shared the list of useful books and Q& A sessions about SBI Clerks 2018 preparation. I have some materials and short-notes which I made during my SBI clerk 2016 preparation. I strongly believe these materials will be helpful for the upcoming SBI Clerks 2018 preparation. So, I would like to share them on daily basis. I just want to know on which way do you guys prefer to read them ? 

My Study Plan of SBI Clerks 2018

Here is what I am going to do. We have around 30+ days of preparation for upcoming SBI Clerk Prelims 2018.  I can cover all these topics in 28 days.

Here is my Plan :

I will be posting a topic per day, along with basics, shortcut techniques, practice tests and home work. You should read the topic and practice the given problems. You should share a few questions related to that topic and others will answer to that.  Meanwhile, I will clarify the doubts.

My Tasks :
  • I will post one topic per day. Which covers Basic Introduction, Shortcut Tips to score better and Practice Questions. 
  • After completion of all the topics, I will start posting SBI Clerks Prelims Previous Papers and Practice Tests along with solutions. 
Your Tasks :
  • To completely read the topics posted by me. 
  • To keep a notebook and write down highlights (formulas, tips etc) and solve the problems given by me, without seeing the solutions. And check with the answers and correct yourself. 
  • To post at-least one problem relevant to the given topic in the comments section. 
  • To answer at-least one problem posted by others in the comments section.
Is this plan OK with you guys ? Or can you suggest a plan which will be more useful ?

I just want to know in which way it will be more helpful for you people to prepare.

Please share your views in comments section below. So that I can start my sessions from tomorrow.

I am asking this because I tried a group learning session for SBI PO 2017 but eventually it failed due to poor response.

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