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February 03, 2018

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - 3rd February 2018

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 3rd February 2018. Happy reading :)

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  • Victory - the fact of winning a competition or battle, or an occasion when someone wins
  • Bipoll - an election held in a single political constituency to fill a vacancy arising during a government's term of office
  • A host of - a large number of something
  • Civic - relating to a town or city, especially to its government and public activities
  • Grievance - a complaint about being treated in an unfair way
  • Livelihood - something such as your work that provides the money that you need to live
  • Jolt - to shock someone so that they suddenly change what they are doing or thinking
  • Pay the price for something - to have to deal with the bad effects of something that you have done
  • Imperious - behaving in a proud and confident way that shows you expect to be obeyed
  • Alienate - to make someone dislike you, or not want to help or support you
  • Consecutive - following one after another in order and with nothing else in between
  • Pan - all
  • Arguably - used for stating your opinion or belief, especially when you think other people may disagree
  • Mere - only / just
  • Blip - a minor problem
  • Motley - consisting of many different types of people or things that do not seem to belong together
  • Erosion - the gradual reduction or destruction of something important
  • Write off - to decide that someone or something will not succeed and so to stop giving them your attention and energy
  • Scrape through - to succeed in doing something, but not in a very impressive way
  • Run-up - to make something very quickly
  • Verdict -  an opinion that you have or a decision that you make
  • Vindication - the action of clearing someone of blame or suspicion
  • Tactic - a particular method or plan for achieving something
  • Jaded - no longer enthusiastic or excited about things, especially because you have been disappointed by your many experiences of them
  • Constituency - a division of a country that elects a representative to a parliament
  • Collapse - to suddenly fail or stop existing
  • Compensation - money that someone receives because something bad has happened to them
  • Setback - a problem that delays or that stops progress or makes a situation worse
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Get cracking: on implementing 'Modicare'"
  • Roadmap - a plan
  • Cover - if a law, rule, or contract covers a particular situation, type of person etc, it includes or deals with that situation or person
  • Diagnostic - identifying a particular illness using a combination of signs and symptoms
  • Essential - completely necessary
  • Envisage - to have something as a plan or an intention
  • Vulnerable - weak
  • Hospitalisation - the act of taking someone to hospital and keeping them there for treatment
  • Fragmented - consisting of several separate parts
  • Regulate - to control an activity, process, or industry officially by using rules
  • Tertiary - in the place or position counted as number three
  • Developing countries - countries that are poor and do not have much industrial development
  • Universal - involving all the members of a group or society
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Provinces - the parts of a country outside the capital city or the large cities
  • Moreover - used for introducing an additional and important fact that supports or emphasizes what you have just said
  • Subsume - to include something in a larger group and cause it to lose its own individual character
  • Beneficiary - someone who gets an advantage from a situation
  • Empanel - enrol
  • Tremendous - extremely good
  • Incidence - the number of cases of an illness or a medical condition in a particular place, group, or situation
  • Impact - an effect, or an influence
  • Hypertension - a condition in which your blood pressure is extremely high
  • Medication - a drug that you take to treat or cure an illness
  • Procure - to obtain something, especially with effort or difficulty
  • Large-scale - involving a large number of people or things, or happening over a large area
  • Resort to something - to do something that you do not want to do because you cannot find any other way of achieving something
  • Inflate - to make a number or price higher than it should be
  • Aid - help with doing something
  • Asymmetry - lack of equality or equivalence between parts or aspects of something

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