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January 26, 2018

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - 26th January 2018

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 26th January 2018. Happy reading :)

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  • Mob - a large crowd of people that is dangerous or difficult to control
  • Protest - an occasion when people show that they disagree with something by standing somewhere, shouting, carrying signs, etc
  • Stand up to - to react in a particular way to severe conditions or treatment
  • Vigilantism - law enforcement undertaken without legal authority by a self-appointed group of people
  • Jolt - a shock
  • Vandalism - the act of deliberately damaging or destroying things, especially public property
  • Admirable - deserving to be admired or respected
  • Presence of mind - the ability to think quickly and clearly in a difficult situation
  • Steer - to control the direction in which a vehicle moves
  • Foot soldier - a soldier who fights on foot, not on a horse or in a vehicle
  • Purport - to claim or seem to be something or to do something, especially when this is not possible or true
  • Uphold - to show that you support something such as an idea by what you say or do
  • Confront - to deal with a difficult situation
  • Ducking - to lower your head or head and body quickly, in order to move under something or to avoid being hit
  • Collectively - together, as a group
  • Abdication - failure to fulfil a responsibility or duty
  • Rag-tag - consisting of various types of people whose clothing, equipment, and skills are not very good
  • Heed - to consider someone’s advice or warning and do what they suggest
  • Bluff - to deliberately give a false idea to someone about what you intend to do, or about the facts of a situation, especially in order to gain an advantage
  • Unmindful - not conscious or aware
  • Blurriness - the quality of being unclear or indistinct
  • Rampage - to behave in an uncontrolled way, especially when this involves damaging or destroying property over a wide area
  • Freedom of expression - the right to express your opinions
  • Notably - especially: used for introducing a good example of something
  • Prohibit - to officially stop something from being done, especially by making it illegal
  • Iterate - to say or do again, repeat
  • Evident - easy to see, notice, or understand
  • Outrage - a strong feeling of anger and shock at something that you feel is wrong or unfair
  • Consolidate - to make the power, position, or achievements you already have stronger or more effective so that they are likely to continue
  • Credentials - personal qualities, achievements, or experiences that make someone suitable for something
  • Hindsight - the opportunity to judge or understand past events using knowledge that you have gained since then
  • Sobering - making you think about things in a serious way
  • Shortcoming - a fault or problem that makes someone or something less effective
  • Byword - a person or thing that is very closely connected with a particular quality
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "German tangle — on SPD's coalition talks"
  • Tangle - a situation that is difficult to deal with because things are not organized properly
  • Coalition - a temporary union of different political parties that agree to form a government together
  • Democrat - someone who supports democracy as a political system
  • Inconclusive - not producing a definite result or complete proof of something
  • Continent - one of the very large areas of land on Earth that are usually divided into several countries
  • Revive - to make someone become conscious or alive again
  • Collapse - to suddenly fail or stop existing
  • Delegate - someone who is chosen to represent a group of other people at a meeting
  • Right-wing - considered to be conservative in your political views
  • Populism - politics that represents the interests and opinions of ordinary people
  • Preliminary - coming before a more important action or event, especially introducing or preparing for it
  • Blueprint - an early plan or design that explains how something might be achieved
  • Formulate - to develop all the details of a plan for doing something
  • Pragmatic - solving problems in a sensible way that suits the conditions that really exist now, rather than obeying fixed theories, ideas, or rules
  • Ideological - related to a set of beliefs or principles, especially one on which a political system, party, or organization is based
  • Massive - very large in size, amount, or number
  • Erosion - the fact of a good quality or situation being gradually lost or destroyed
  • Steep - rising or falling at a sharp angle
  • Decline - to gradually become less, worse, or lower
  • Agony - extreme physical or mental pain or suffering
  • Resurgent - increasing again, or becoming popular again
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Overcome - to defeat or succeed in controlling or dealing with something

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