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August 24, 2017

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 18th August 2017

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 18th August 2017. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials

  • Conversion - a change in someone’s beliefs, especially their religious beliefs
  • Muddled - badly organized or confusing
  • Curiouser -  more and more curious
  • Entrusted - assign the responsibility for doing something to someone
  • Adjudicate - to make an official decision about a problem or disagreement
  • Voluntary - a voluntary action is done because you choose to do it, and not because you have to
  • Embarked on - to start a new project or activity, usually one that will be difficult and will take time
  • Roving - travelling from place to place
  • Radicalise - to make someone become more radical (= extreme) in their political or religious beliefs
  • Inexplicably - unable to be explained or understood
  • Probe - an attempt to find out the truth about an issue, problem, or accident
  • Circumstance - a fact or condition that affects a situation
  • Annul - to state officially that something such as a marriage, an agreement, or an election has no legal authority
  • Stakeholder - someone who has an interest in the success of a plan, system, or organization
  • Concerned - involved in something, or affected by something
  • Comprehend - to understand something
  • Veracity - truth, or honesty
  • Claim - to say that something is true, even though there is no definite proof
  • Plea - an urgent or emotional request for something
  • Radical group - a radical group believes that important political or social changes are necessary
  • Purported - said by some people to be real or true, but not proved to be real or true
  • Ruse - a plan or trick used for hiding your true intentions
  • Scuttle - to make a plan, agreement, attempt etc fail or stop
  • Proceedings - the actions taken, usually in court, to settle a legal matter
  • Annull - to state officially that something such as a marriage, an agreement, or an election has no legal authority
  • Sham - something that people pretend is good, serious, or honest but is really not
  • Observation - a written or spoken comment about something
  • Vulnerable - easily damaged by something negative or harmful
  • Nominate -  to officially suggest that someone should be given a job
  • Probe - an attempt to find out the truth about an issue
  • Presumably - used for saying that you think something is true based on what you know, although you are not really certain
  • Safeguard - to protect something or someone from being harmed or having problems
  • Credibility - qualities that someone has that make people believe or trust them
  • Maintain - to continue to say that something is true, even if other people do not believe you
  • Apprehension - the act of arresting someone
  • Failed to cut any ice - to fail to impress or influence someone
  • Curtailment - the action or fact of reducing or restricting something
  • Volition - the power or ability to decide something by yourself and to take action to get what you want
  • Strive -  to make a lot of effort to achieve something
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Son vs Bezos at India’s e-commerce market"
  • Upping - increasing
  • Stake - the part of a business that you own because you have invested money in it
  • Equity - the value of a property after you have taken away the amount left to pay on the mortgage (=money borrowed to buy it)
  • Backed - supported
  • War chest - money that a political party or a business has available to spend on something such as an election campaign or a business deal
  • Sustain -  to provide the conditions in which something can happen or exist
  • Giant - a very large and successful company
  • Surpass - to be better or greater than something else
  • Venture - a new business or activity
  • Rival - a person, team, or business that competes with another
  • Take on - to fight or compete against someone
  • Allure - a special, exciting, and attractive quality that someone or something has
  • Rapid - happening, moving, or acting quickly
  • Pace - speed
  • Potential - someone's or something's ability to develop, achieve, or succeed
  • Predominantly - mainly, or mostly
  • Bricks-and-mortar - a house, flat, or other building considered as property
  • Retail - relating to the sale of goods directly to the public for their own use
  • Pursuit - the process of trying to achieve something
  • Compensate - to change or remove the bad result of something
  • Startup - a small business that is just being started
  • Backing - support, help, or active approval
  • Rejuvenate - to make something such as an organization, system, or place good or effective again
  • Meanwhile - at the same time
  • Evolve - to gradually change and develop over a period of time
  • Strategy - a plan or method for achieving something, especially over a long period of time
  • Regardless of - without being affected or influenced by anything else that happens or exists
  • Consumer - someone who buys and uses goods and services
  • Woo - to try to persuade people to support you or to buy something from you, especially by saying and doing nice things

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