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March 08, 2017

SBI PO 2017 Study Plan : Day 6 - Phrase Replacement

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Hello everyone, I am Aparna and here is the Day 6 Lesson of our SBI PO 2017 Study Plan. Today's topic is Phrase Replacement. Happy Reading :)

Phrase Replacement

Replace the phrase- can be considered as an improved version of questions on Spotting the Errors. In case of questions on spotting the Errors- you just need to spot the error, but in the case of questions relating to Phrase replacement you have to find out the correct alternative for the erroneous part.


Directions : Which of the following phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the sentence grammatically correct ? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (5) as the answer.
  1. The material packets were so heavy that they could not hardly carry them.
    1. could have not hardly carried
    2. could not be carried
    3. could hardly carry
    4. should not carry
    5. No correction required.
  2. It is never easy for the historian to separate individual biography from the social and cultural history.
    1. has been never easily for
    2. is never easily for
    3. is never easy with
    4. is not easy about
    5. No correction required
  3. His younger brothers are more sociable than him.
    1. much more sociable than him
    2. more sociability than him
    3. more sociability than he
    4. more sociable than he is
    5. No correction required.
  4. He was looking impatient at the watchman who was sleeping in the chair.
    1. looked impatient
    2. looking impatience
    3. looked impatiently
    4. looking impatiently
    5. No correction required
  5. Whom did you intend to invite to attend the function besides Ramesh and Mahesh ?
    1. Who did you intend
    2. Whom do you intended
    3. Whom you intended
    4. Who do you intend
    5. No correction required.
  6. There is absolutely not worry even if the train reaches its destination during odd hours in the night.
    1. absolute no worry
    2. absolute not worry
    3. absolutely no worry
    4. no absolute worried
    5. No correction required
  7. All of us very strongly feel that he should not to had done it.
    1. had not to be done
    2. should not have done
    3. had not been done
    4. could not had done
    5. No correction required
  8. The officer was angry with the watchman for being detained.
    1. at being detained
    2. for detaining
    3. because of detaining
    4. owing to be detained
    5. No correction required
  9. When we had rose to leave, the hosts requested us to spend some more time with them.
    1. had risen
    2. had been rising
    3. had been risen
    4. had arose
    5. No correction required
  10. Is there any further reasons you can give us for your failure to act as per your promises?
    1. Is there any more
    2. Is there further any
    3. Are there any further
    4. Are further there any
    5. No correction required.
  11. It is true that there has been a considerable decline in rural poverty.
    1. has been considerably declining
    2. was considerably a decline
    3. have been considered decline
    4. has a considerable decline
    5. No correction required
  12. They have been attending classes since the term began.
    1. would attend
    2. has attended
    3. would be attending
    4. should attend
    5. No correction required
  13. He considers the new assignment as more challenging than much of the other assignments.
    1. none for the other's
    2. most of the other
    3. more of the other
    4. rest for the other
    5. No correction required.
  14. Resolutions must be introducing quickly to repeal the outdated laws.
    1. be introducing to quick repeal
    2. have to be introduced to quick repealing
    3. be quickly introduced to repeal
    4. be quick in introducing to repeal
    5. No correction required
  15. The driver didn't accede at the demand of the people as he was aware of the risk involved in it.
    1. was not accede at the demand
    2. didn't accede at demanding
    3. was not acceded by the demand
    4. didn't accede to the demand
    5. No correction required
  16. Though his actions were severe criticism, he didn't lose his temper.
    1. were severely criticised
    2. had severely criticised
    3. were at severely criticising
    4. had severe criticised
    5. No correction required
  17. Yogic exercises and meditation seems to be of help modern men and women deal effectively with anxiety.
    1. seem to help
    2. seems to be helping
    3. seem to have help
    4. seems to help
    5. No correction required.
  18. Despite all the complaints against him, we must admit that his behaviour with others has always courteous.
    1. had always courteous
    2. have always courteous
    3. has always been courteous
    4. has always been courteously
    5. No correction required.
  19. Whom did you intend to offer the job besides the two young boys ?
    1. Who are you intending to
    2. Whom do you intended to
    3. who do you intend for
    4. Whom had you been intended for
    5. No correction required
  20. She always behaves as if she has not care at all about my feelings.
    1. as though she will not
    2. as if she doesn't
    3. as far as she doesn't
    4. like if she does not
    5. No correction required.
  21. Everything we have so far looked at gives inconclusive evidence about the change in the living conditions of the masses.
    1. had looked at far giving
    2. had been looking for giving
    3. have so far been looked at gives
    4. had so far been looked for given
    5. No correction required
  22. People who enjoy these kinds of activities can be very useful for your company.
    1. these kind of activity
    2. these of kind activity
    3. these kinds of activities
    4. the kind activities like these
    5. No correction required
  23. The population question in China has been the subject of heated and frequently changing controversy.
    1. heating and frequently changed
    2. heated and frequent changed
    3. heated and frequent changes
    4. heat and frequent changes in
    5. No correction required
  24. Your suggestion is no different from the other employees.
    1. not different from
    2. not different than the
    3. no different from that of the
    4. no differing from the
    5. No correction required.
  25. If you would have succumbed to his pressure, we would have lost faith in you
    1. Had you been
    2. If you would be
    3. If you had
    4. If you would have been
    5. No correction required
  26. If India's demographic transition is to be speeded up, it will have to be by a special process.
    1. should have been speeded up
    2. is to be speed up
    3. is to speed up
    4. were severely criticized
    5. No correction required
  27. Though his action were severe criticized, he didn't lose his temper.
    1. were severe criticism
    2. were being of severe criticism
    3. had severe criticize
    4. were severely criticized
    5. No correction required.
  28. It was he, not me, who put forth the remarkable proposition.
    1. he, not I
    2. him, not me
    3. he, not mine
    4. him, not I
    5. No correction required
  29. India has none of the advantages possess by the rich countries during industrialization.
    1. from the advantages posses by
    2. with the advantages posses by
    3. of the advantages posses with
    4. of the advantages possessed by
    5. No correction required
  30. People who are indecisive, can be readily persuading to change their mind again.
    1. can be ready persuading
    2. can be readily persuaded
    3. could be ready to persuade
    4. can be ready to persuade
    5. No correction required
  31. Despite being tried his best to persuade people to give up smoking, he could not attain success.
    1. Despite his best trailing
    2. Despite of his best
    3. Inspite of being tried his best
    4. Despite trying his best
    5. No correction required
  32. His suggestions were so trivial and hence nobody took any cognizance of them
    1. so trivial that and have
    2. very trivial and hence so
    3. too trivial to and hence
    4. very trivial and hence
    5. No correction required.
  33. But for your time of helping, we could not have accomplished our goal in such a small time span.
    1. But for your timely help
    2. Because of your timely helping
    3. Despite your time of helping
    4. But your time for helping
    5. No correction required
  34. He failed in his attempt to disperse the mob before the miscreants sets the fire on the bus.
    1. set the bus on fire
    2. setting fire on the bus
    3. set fire to the bus
    4. set the fire on to the bus
    5. No correction required.
  35. Even in most critical moments, he is calm, but today he appears very much disturbed.
    1. appeared very much disturb
    2. appears very much to disturb
    3. appeared to be very much disturbing
    4. is appearing very much disturbing
    5. No correction required.
  36. Their attempt at rioting was foiled because of the police squad arrived on time.
    1. of the police squad being arrived
    2. of the arrival of the police squad
    3. the police squad arrival
    4. of the police squad had arrived
    5. No correction required
  37. How can one mobilize support from colleagues, without being cordially to them ?
    1. being cordially for
    2. been cordially to
    3. being cordial to
    4. cordially being to
    5. No correction required
  38. For every citizen it is mandatory to help the civic administration for keep up the city clean.
    1. for upkeep clean the city
    2. for clean and keep the city
    3. for keeping of the city cleanliness
    4. to keep the city clean
    5. No correction required
  39. Any one who known to India's villages knows the meaning of scarcity.
    1. knowing India's villages knows
    2. is known to India's villages knows
    3. knows India's villages knows
    4. knew India's villages
    5. No correction required
  40. In our country women have opportunity to rise to the top in every walk of life.
    1. have been having opportunities
    2. have had opportunities for a raise
    3. have opportunities to raise
    4. having opportunities to rise
    5. No correction required
  41. All the members of the club were assembled to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the club.
    1. had assembled to celebrate
    2. were assembling to celebrate
    3. had been assembled for celebrating
    4. assembled to celebration
    5. No correction required
  42. Increased productivity necessary reflects greater efforts made by the employees.
    1. Increase in productivity necessary
    2. Increased productivity is necessary
    3. Increase of productivity necessary
    4. Increased productivity necessarily
    5. No correction required.
  43. The earnest appeal by the staff members that the salaries be subject to upward revision were rejected by the industrialist.
    1. upwardly revision was rejected
    2. upward revision was rejected
    3. upward revising were rejectable
    4. upwardly revision was rejectable
    5. No correction required
  44. Speculations and hypothesizing are the most essential and well-known aspects inventions.
    1. hypothesis has been
    2. hypthesising needs
    3. hypothesis makes
    4. hypothesizing confronts
    5. No correction required. 
  45. The alarming report of the building collapse made everyone spell-bound.
    1. alarmed report
    2. alarmed reporting
    3. reporting alarm
    4. reported alarm
    5. No correction required
  46. Your good gestures will highly appreciate.
    1. will be highly appreciate
    2. will be high appreciative
    3. will be highly appreciated
    4. would be high appreciation
    5. No correction required
  47. Yogic exercise seems to be help urban population deal effectively with stress.
    1. seems to be helpful
    2. seems to be helped
    3. seems to help
    4. seemed to be of helping
    5. No correction required
  48. They felt very proudly that their team had won the match.
    1. feel very proudly
    2. felt very pride
    3. feel very pride
    4. felt very proud
    5. No correction required.
  49. The pedestrians must have to be very cautious while crossing the road.
    1. Should have to be
    2. must be
    3. should have
    4. are required to be
    5. No correction required
  50. I am sure that he has recovered from his illness and he will accompany us to the picnic spot.
    1. and that he will accompany
    2. and that he will be accompanied
    3. but he will accompany
    4. although he will accompany
    5. No correction required 
The questions set by SBI for it's PO Exam are always unpredictable. You can easily solve them only if you are good at basic English grammar. So I have decided to share some basic grammar rules as the 7th lesson of our SBI PO Study Plan. It will be very lengthy and the people who are using mobile to read may feel it difficult to read if I share them in a single post. So tomorrow's lesson will be of two parts. I will try to share them during morning and evening sessions. Please go through them thoroughly.
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