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March 13, 2017

SBI Assistant System Manager Interview Experience 2017

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Name : Anmol Agarwal

Interview Date : 9th March

Interview Time : 9:00 AM

Interview Venue : New Delhi SBI LHO

Hello after sharing the interview experience of RRB and IBPS PO I am going to share my interview experience for SBI SO IT....

I reported on time and document verification stated at 9:30 AM and Interview started at 10:30 AM. Panel is very good and supportive. My turn came around 1 PM. I asked the permission to entered the room and wished them Good Afternoon.
There were total 5 members(4 Male and 1 Female)
M1(Chairmen): So Anmol what are u doing right now?
Me: Sir currently I am working as a senior SEO Executive..
M1: What is SEO and what you are doing?
Me: I told them bit about SEO and my role to assign the projects to my subordinates and coordinate with the team mates.
M1: Tell me about some of your client?
Me: I told him some of my clients and my current projects.
M1: So you also follow spamming or Black Hat SEO?
Me: No sir I always follow Google guidelines... and it is the best practice otherwise our website will be spam by the google and our all the past efforts ruin.

M1: What is cloud computing?
Me: Told them?
M1: What is Data centre?
M2: so your hobbey is book reading? which type of books you read and currently which book you are reading?
Me: I told Motivational and love stories. Currently I am reading Revolution 2020
M2: (with smile) This is the 4 year old book?
Me: I gave a smile and told I read all the other books of Mr. Chetan Bhagat and this book is in my reader-list.
M3: Database roles? and some discussion about Admin and Manager
M3: What is IT act?
Me: told them
M3: currently any amendment on this act?
Me: yes sir regarding online roud and security concern.
M3: It have 4 section?? name?
Me: sorry Sir I dont know.
M1(Chairmen) If I am not mistaken I saw you once before?
Me: yes sir I gave the same Interview last year.
M1: what happend and how many marks you got?
Me: SIr 1 marks less than cutoff and in Interview I got 24/25
M1: then this time ye kami nii rahegi with smille(This time there will not like that..)
F1: So why do you not go for post graduation?
Me: I have a family liabilities and I wanna some rest from studies thats why..
They all said ok Anmol you can go now...
I thanked them and wished a nice day....

So friends this is my Interview experience.. This year I am selected in RBI ASSISTANT (Kanpur & Lucknow ), RRB PO Broda RRB), RRB ASSISTANT (ALLAHABAD RRB) and waiting for the result of IBPS PO (80 marks in Mains)... One Advice for all the aspirants that banking exams can be easily cracked by planned preparation, perseverance, practice and patience.......

If any one wants any help can freely write me at

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