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March 09, 2017

March 2017 Current Affairs Quiz - set 3

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The Himachal Pradesh government has approved a proposal to make ______________ the 2nd Capital of the state.

The properties bought by an individual, not under his or her name is known as ?

Which country has recently announced that it will reintroduce Compulsory Military Service for both Men and Women to respond to global security challenges including those from Russia ?

National Safety Day is observed on ?

National Safety Week 2017 is observed during ?

What is the Theme of National Safety Day / Week 2017 ?

Which state government, while presenting the state budget, has announced that free internet connection would be provided to 20 lakh poor families in the state ?

Online travel company has recently announced that it signed an agreement with which state's government to jointly promote homestays in the state ?

Following pressure from citizens and green activists, the Karnataka government has recently abandoned a controversial Project in Bengaluru, saving at least 800 trees from being cut. Name it ?

Which state Government has given official language status to the endangered tribal language Kurukh ?

Virgin Group's billionaire Founder Richard Branson has launched a new company to launch small satellites into space using its LauncherOne orbital launch vehicle. Name it ?

India is going to participate in the meeting of Permanent Indus Commission. This meeting is scheduled to be held in March at ?

Which state government has tied up with as many as 41 private hospitals to facilitate 30 types of surgeries free of cost for patients ?

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has formally handed over weapon-locating radar to the Indian Army. Name it ?

The French football legend, who won European Cup three times with Real Madrid C.F. in the 1950s, was recnetly passed away. Name him ?

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