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January 21, 2017

SBI Specialist Officers Online Exam 2017 Review

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Hi friends, I am Siddharth Rohan. I've done with my SBI Specialist Officers online exam on 20th January 2017 (2nd Shift). Here is my review.

Overall paper was moderate...maths reasoning and englisg were same as pgdm po level exams

Maths 18/35 with 100% Accuracy

English 29/35 with 80% Accuracy

Reasoning 23/50 with 100% Accuracy

PK 47/50 with 80% Accuracy

Professional Knowledge questions were based on maily database, securtity and networking

  1. Question Based on DML
  2. Question Based on RAD Model
  3. 1-3 Questions Based on Websites and Application
  4. 4-5Questions Based on Management Information System
  5. Questions Based on Finite Automated
  6. 2 Questions Based on Transactions
  7. Few questions based on business Model
  8. Data warehousing
  9. Distributed System
  10. One questions Based on UDP
  11. Expert systems
  12. Question on parity bit
  13. Questions based on Business Enterprises
  14. Question Based on security and private key
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