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January 23, 2017

SBI SO 2017 Professional Knowledge Questions

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Hi I am Siddharth. Here I am sharing Professional Knowledge questions with answers of SBI SO held on 20th January 2016 (Morning Shift).
  1. ‘Streaming’ definition
  2. Access log ar used for ?---to check authorized user and data which he access
  3. Arp protocol---ip to mac
  4. assigning roles for database access---both user and admin
  5. backward recovery.--before image
  6. Bandwidth ---ismei transmission rate increase hogi i don't know correct or not
  7. Best Wireless protocol ?----i marked hipaa log wep bol rhe but wep best nhi hota hipaa ka naam nhi suna tha baaki ka suna tha so i marked hipaa
  8. brute force
  9. CGI---- to back and forth request(not sure)
  10. cococmo
  11. Concurrency control in database---- multiuser environment integrity and update waala option
  12. Cryptoanalysis
  13. Data isolation
  14. Data mining
  15. Data redundancy answer
  16. Data shadowing
  17. Database recovery.----woh apni site pe upload karo data aur apne tools se check karo best way to check
  18. Database with large storage and lacks of rows in a cloumn.-very large database
  19. Embeeded systems need less power and less computing.
  20. ER Diagram is used to establish relation-ship between data objects.
  21. Extract data sub set----to extract sub set of data from operational database
  22. Full form of OLAP
  23. Group server or application server.---don't know
  24. Hierarchical database---tree structure
  25. hitrate
  26. Hot Site
  27. Hot site vs warm or cold site ?.---woh hot site full ac room wagerah provide karta woh waala option
  28. Normalization ---er waala
  29. Process of exchanging packet between ISP.---is question mei doubt agar traffic poocha tha toh answer routing i marked routing
  30. Process of storing data at remote location is called ?--- e vaulting
  31. Process to detect ip range of live host.---ping sweep
  32. Program embeeded in GIF.----according to web it's web bug i think it's coding i marked wrong
  33. Prototype is used in for Models ?----acccelerated model(pls don't fight  it's right
  34. Reduced instruction sets. : RISC
  35. RFID Chip,---infrared reflect waala option internal power nhi leta passive rfid
  36. SAAS
  37. Setting website pages as per user preferences.---personalization
  38. Sharing task between servers.- loadbalancing
  39. slicing dicing and pivoting.----slicing
  40. Software program inside program and reusable. : 1)Components 2)Modules 3)SOA.----component
  41. storage management of enterprise something          data : 1)Data warehouse 2)Datamart 3)Enterprise resource managment. ----enterprise information management
  42. system used for competing computing system
  43. to attract "trap" intruders.----honeypot
  44. Trojan horse,
  45. Virtualization in operating system
  46. weblog --ek ka answer web blog
  47. What is extract process of ETL.----etl
  48. What is extranet.-----woh limited access waala to it's supplier and consumer karke
  49. What is the best way to maintain network againt the vulnarability.----by simple replication
  50. Wifi hotspot
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