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January 11, 2017

General Awareness Questions Asked in Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) Clerk Online Exam 2017

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Hi friends, I am Siva Kumar. Here I am sharing the General Awareness questions asked in KVB Clerk Exam (Slot 2) held on 7th January 2017. Happy Reading :)

GK Bits of KVB Clerks Online Exam 2017 (Slot 2)
  • A bank note cut into two pieces means which type note
  • Aadhar payment app uses which type of authentication instead OTP
  • Akodara digital village adopted by which bank
  • Ashwin relate to which game
  • Bank tieup with everest bank of nepal
  • Banks measures its capital in which ratio
  • BOM head quarters at
  • BSBDA total credits in a year should not exceed upto which amount
  • Croatia currency
  • Due to reduce in repo rate banks offer ____ to their customers
  • FIFA U-17 held at
  • FRA fullform
  • G20 summit held at
  • Govt allows use of old notes for tax paying under which yojana
  • Great indian bustard sanctuary at
  • Highest populous state as per census
  • JSCA stadium at
  • LAF fullform
  • Micro atms uses
  • Mingle app released by which bank
  • Mitra shakti excercise with
  • NACH abbrevation
  • Nagaland capital
  • NDTL related question
  • ovt share in india post bank
  • Rbi permit banks to offer uniform interest rate on saving deposits upto which amount
  • Rbi permits transactions without using OTP upto which amount
  • Shanti swarup bhatnagar prize in which field
  • Under lucky grahak yojana daily 15000 consumers will get amount of
  • Universal bank promoters experience
  • world wild life day
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